Friday The 13th: The Game Adds Another Horror Icon Into The Fight

Friday The 13th

Another classic character from Friday The 13th lore has made their way into Friday The 13th: The Game and maybe in a way to permanently take down Jason

It is always a good day when we get a new update for Friday The 13th: The Game and that makes today awesome. While Gun Media has been pretty forthcoming with some new looks at the game recently, none of the images shown have been note-worthy enough to garner a full posting here. I'm not downplaying the work that Illfonic is doing over there but who needs a full page of reading for an image or two or a short trailer for the game? Some of you do but that isn't why we are here. No. It looks like Friday The 13th: The Game will be bringing us a character that has survived quite a while in the universe and is also set to kill Jason once and for all. Tommy Jarvis is making his way into the game now.

For those not completely up to speed on the character and don't want to Google "Friday The 13th Characters," this is one of the few guys who has been able to do some major harm to Jason in the film's franchise and other mediums as well. He's also been portrayed by three different actors but it looks like we are getting the Thom Mathews version of the character to join in the cast. Got the likeness, voice, and phrasing all too. Something any die-hard Friday The 13th fan will be glad to see, and ideally play when the game finally launches. Have a look and get ready to get excited all over again.

Friday The 13th: The Game — The Return Of Tommy Jarvis!

Thom Mathews Returns as Tommy Jarvis in Friday The 13th: The Game!

Tommy Jarvis is set to appear in Friday The 13th: The Game to help counselors take down Jason once and for all. The premier gameplay trailer showing Jarvis’ return includes the character’s iconic taunt in which he calls Jason “maggot head”. If you’re a fan of the movies, this should be quite amusing. The character also shares Mathews’ likeness.

While we do have the character "in action" here for Friday The 13th: The Game, it does raise the question as to the role that the character can and will play. Could this just be another option for the multiplayer aspect of the game? Maybe. Could this be one of the ways that the counselors can get help to survive a bit longer in a match? The teaser suggests so. Could this all be part of the single player campaign that caused the initial delay? I'd place money on that. All we know is the character will be there and will be bringing back the essence of Friday The 13th to us even more than we've seen so far.

To go wild on my personal speculations, I can see this being a way to defeat Jason in a multiplayer match and being part of the single player game in the same vein. In terms of the multiplayer, once the counselors have progressed in the match long enough to fix the phones/radios, they will then be able to call in this special character that one of them can control and he is one of the only ways to deal true damage to Jason and then keep the Friday The 13th rivalry going on even further. It wouldn't be completely true the franchise if there wasn't some difficult way to kill Jason after all and having us get this special "attack" would make sense.

In terms of the single player for Friday The 13th: The Game, it could make sense that Tommy is recruiting more of us to help bring down Jason once and for all and this will be what starts that version of the game off. All while still being able to use him for various things like upgrading, ammo, etc. that would be present in a single player game for this franchise. Of course that is all speculation on my end and we'll have to wait until Gun Media opts to give us more. Hopefully that won't be too far down the line as I am ready for this game to release already and just want to start killing me some counselors.

Are you amped to see Tommy Jarvis coming to Friday The 13th: The Game or do you still have no idea who the character is? Do you think any of my speculation is on point with what Illfonic will actually put in the final version of the game? What role do you think this character will have when all is said and done if I am way off point? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Friday The 13th: The Game, be sure to stay right here. It's an IP close to our hearts and we will actually bring you every little image and teaser unlike said before.