The Latest Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Is Truly Disturbing

Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil 7 gameplay that we had before has been released without overlaid commentary & it makes Resident Evil 7 look truly terrifying

Last week, if you recall, we were able to see a lot of other media outlets talk about Resident Evil 7 in terms of a huge demo they were able to play. Something like four to five hours they were able to play and then they all had their little videos describing it all over some great looking b-roll that Capcom provided them. It looked nice but we were all forced to hear about Resident Evil 7 through their point of view when we had some solid gameplay to look at in the background. I know I wasn't too keen on it but I took what I could get and I'm guessing so did you. Why can January 24th just be here already?

Well flash forward to this week and it looks like Capcom saw what was going on here and now we can watch all of that sweet Resident Evil 7 gameplay without the voice overs. All ten-ish minutes of the gameplay that is out there and all with the audio tracks left nice and clear so we can see how truly dark and twisted Resident Evil 7 is going to be when it finally comes. It's only slightly unfortunate that it is all broken up in three different video segments but we have all three just below for you. Each looks to cover some major aspects of the game so I guess it makes sense to have them split even though it would be great to see it all truly unedited.

Resident Evil 7 — Gameplay Video Part 1

Trying to escape? Don't make me laugh son…

Resident Evil 7 — Gameplay Video Part 2

Think the basement is a safe place? Think again…

Resident Evil 7 — Gameplay Video Part 3

You are a son of a bitch!

I had little doubt that Resident Evil 7 was going to bring back a lot of the great things that made the franchise so popular back at its initial launch. I'm talking the original Resident Evil here and not all of the sequels, prequels, and spin-offs that we had. Horror was the main theme and it these videos solidify that if you think the demo is still nothing to write home about. Even just the little sounds in the world here make it a deeper and darker place to be. All of this come from someone that doesn't scare easily. I am still iffy on giving the full game a play in VR or not and this makes things even more iffy. All in the best of ways at that.

Now that you've seen the latest Resident Evil 7 footage "uncut," what do you think? Do you see the horror building up to a place where we all wanted it to be over the years or are you going to miss the action parts with Umbrella breathing down our necks? Will you be brave enough to play the game in VR and alone or will you need a well-lit room with many friends watching you go? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and feel free to discuss. As more on Resident Evil 7 is released, we will have it here. Be sure to keep checking back in as we will keep it all coming just to freak you out even more.