Death Stranding Gets Yet Another Trailer But It Is A Bit More Telling This Time

Death Stranding

At the 2016 Game Awards Death Stranding had a new trailer released and it looks like there is a bit more method to the Death Stranding perceived madness

Since its showing at E3 all of us have been waiting to see more for Death Stranding and to wade through the cryptic teasers and updates that we have had since then. It was a shocker to see the title in the works in the first place and Kojima Productions has been playing the whole thing just as we've seen with all of the other games that the main man is known for. At first it looked like Death Stranding could be that grand horror title that everyone thought we were going to get with P.T. and then Silent Hills. Although if you have a look at the new trailer for the game fresh from The Game Awards you may start to see something a bit different and it looks to be in the best way ever.

I'll let you have a look at the trailer here if you missed out on it last night. It is a lot longer than we've seen for Death Stranding already and I'll let you stew on it before I get into my thoughts and seemingly lack of confusion that everyone else wants to cast on the game. They are the masters of framing the weird and odd into something that many can't understand it would see.

Death Stranding — TGA 2016

Death Stranding theme's about the strand that humans will lose in near future. Story, world, character, gameplay, all connected to the theme. Also the game development, our bonds to the people in SIE (dev, PR, casting team).

To be clear before I carry on, none of what I am going to write here is the end all be all and just conjecture based on the latest Death Stranding trailer and the description above given by Hideo Kojima. This could all be misdirection and I'm playing right into it, but I think I am seeing something to take shape with at least the story of the game and maybe the gameplay if these are bits of in-game things we are seeing here.

It looks like we are in the not too distant future and humanity has done what it does best; it oppresses and kills itself. The imagery and use of babies and baby dolls in Death Stranding so far could be some form of commentary on the loss of the nurturing and "human" element for what looks to be a better way of control over everything as well as death. I'm going to go on a limb here and think we are going to be playing the last sliver of the race that is trying to go back to the way things were and get out from the current regime that was allowed to be put in place. Something that hybrids metal and flesh for the "betterment" of the race and the opposition can't be left standing…

Then again, all of this could just be Kojima Productions showing off their amazing work without actually giving us a single thing to look at for Death Stranding so the game is completely fresh when it is in a better state. These are the people that "hid" Metal Gear Solid V from us all through great misdirection for quite some time. That and they hid a real game inside of a teaser that felt like a different game. I wouldn't put it past them to keep us all talking about Death Stranding when we all really know nothing. We'll just have to sit back, wait, and then see if our conjecture is right or we were all "played" yet again.

What are your thoughts on the latest Death Stranding trailer here? Do you see any merit to my thoughts on what is going on in the game if this is all not a form of misdirection? Do you think that this could just be the development team "showing off" while the real work is going into something similar but nothing like we've seen before? Let us know down in the comments and feel free to discuss on it all down there. As more on Death Stranding comes out though, we will have it here on the site and with our own thoughts on it all. Be sure to keep checking back in for that as I am sure it will all come rather quickly now.