This Is How The Beginning Of Inner Chains Currently Looks

Inner Chains

The first bit of gameplay for Inner Chains has been released and it gives a look at just how Inner Chains will open up once the game is launched

Last year you may have caught wind of the original announcement for Inner Chains and saw something truly awe-inspiring. It did make a huge splash for quite a few when Telepaths' Tree let the gaming world see the first little bit for the game. Of course it also was announced in the midst of a lot of other titles out there so maybe you missed Inner Chains the first time. It happens. No one is perfect and it gives IMGN.PRO a chance to give us more like what we have below. That being the first few minutes of the game from a pre-alpha build of the game. You know, the things that we always want to see to make sure that the titles we are excited for are well into their development.

I'll let you have a look at the new gameplay for Inner Chains now. Although I do have to give the heads up that it does look like a "walking simulator" as the eight minute video really doesn't show it as anything else. It is supposed to tactical shooter but without that "heads up" I don't know how anyone could see that here. There is also supposed to be some progression where you get your weapons but it doesn't looks to happen in the first eight minutes at all. Neither does much of the audio as it is either placeholder for now or they really don't plan on having anyone speak in Inner Chains. Even those who look to be giving a sermon or speech.

Inner Chains — First Minutes Of The Game

In this video you wake up in a grave as one of the pilgrims, who are trying to reach their common goal. You are weak, slow and don't wield any weapons. At this stage, you are not even fully aware of the real dangers, rules and harsh reality of the world you wake up in. But you will meet many different superficial hazards on your journey which, after the discovery of their secrets and workings of the mysterious Caste, will prove necessary in order to fight the real enemy.

The surreal world of Inner Chains will open its gates for you very soon, swallowing you whole and immersing you in a truly horrifying and stimulating experience.

All my jeers aside, I will say that Inner Chains looks like it could be in line with my tastes in both visuals and story. Also the fact that it is supposed to delve into the horrible things that humans are capable of. Of course none of that is here in the video as it looks like everyone is already in Hell of sorts but this is still pre-alpha, and truly pre-alpha, so that is kind of still left up in the air. Pretty much though, unless Telepaths' Tree totally borks the rest of the development here Inner Chains does have me interested if not a little excited. I'll have to wait for more until I get to full excited but they still have time to do all of that.

What was your takeaway for Inner Chains from the above video? Do you think that it will truly be a tactical shooter and we are only seeing the softer side here or is this setting too much of a precedence? What true horrors do you think we will get to see the humans do in the game or will that be fluff? Let us know your thoughts and discuss down in the comments. For more on Inner Chains as it flows on out be sure to be right here. We'll have everything that we can find for the game up on the site as soon as we can.