Friday The 13th: The Game Explores Deeper Into The Cabins For Help

Friday The 13th

Another new Friday The 13th: The Game gameplay video has released and it shows off how to search Friday The 13th's cabins for help and goods

Earlier this week we got a glimpse of how to escape from Jason in Friday The 13th: The Game and that included the player jumping through a glass window to escape. It looked bloody and all kinds of fun. Now we have a look at not only another way to get into the cabins, specifically Higgins Haven, and how Illfonic will most likely let us continue on the fight in the game. I say most likely as it looks like there is a First Aid Spray of sorts shown here for Friday The 13th and given video game history it just make sense. Then again it could be something else altogether.

Here we get to see The Preppy Guy in action here for Friday The 13th instead of The Brainy Chick and I know I couldn't be hoping more for him to be hunted down and murdered. He just looks like he needs a good macheting. That's a phrase right? Anyways, it looks like we'll have the ability to search around the cabins in the dark or in full light, depending on you want, and while we don't see it in action here it does look like we can heal. Maybe this is only for the single player version of the game or maybe we can use that can as a weapon of sorts. I can make that thing explosive.

None the less you can have a look at it all just below and then sit and wait while we wait for Gun Media to release more footage for Friday The 13th: The Game here soon. I'm hoping really soon but we all know how video games can be…

Friday The 13th: The Game — Cabin Exploration

The Preppy Guy explores one of the various cabins within Higgins Haven and finds something that could aid him. Will he survive against Jason Voorhees?

What are your thoughts on all of this for Friday The 13th: The Game? Do you think this is a bit from the single player mode where it would make more sense to allow for healing? Do you think that the item could be weaponized in the full game as it could be in the real world? Let us know any new thoughts you have on all of this in the comments below and discuss. As we get more on Friday The 13th: The Game we will have it up on the site here. Be sure to stick around so you can see it all.