Surviving As A Counselor In Friday The 13th: The Game Can Be Rough

Friday The 13th

A bunch of new updates for Friday The 13th: The Game have been let loose and we see a new counselor, driving, and how a Friday The 13th counselor can survive

While the game has been delayed a little bit to add in single player for us, that doesn't mean that the updates for Friday The 13th: The Game have ended or spaced out a lot further as the official release. No. In fact, it looks like Gun Media and Illfonic have even more to show us to keep us all enticed as we wait just a bit longer for the full game to come to market. Okay, so this shouldn't be surprising as I know they want this Friday The 13th game to succeed but I like having opening zingers before we get into the meat and potatoes of it all. I'm a "fat kid." What would you expect?

Anyways, first up we have a new teaser video for the game here that shows just how hard it can be to escape from Jason in Friday The 13th. Well, at least for one counselor who managed to do so and escape into most likely more danger. Unless we have a magical cabin that Jason can't go into anymore, I'd say that she was part of an ambush and just managed to not be the slowest to react and run. None the less, it does look like there will be some world effects and character effect that take place in Friday The 13th: The Game based on this as I'm sure that blood is from one of the other players out there.

Friday The 13th: The Game — Counselor Window Escape

Showcasing the pros and cons of escaping Jason via a window, you can opt to try to escape quickly by jumping out of any open window. Be careful, as you will adversely affected.

Now that we've seen how one counselor can get away, let's take a look at how four of them can do the same thing. Well, close to the same thing as driving the car out of the campgrounds is a lot different from diving through a window. Driving off is something that we've heard was coming to Friday The 13th: The Game here and it looks like things have changed since it was mentioned. As it looks, and has been confirmed, up to four players can hop in the car once found and keys are available. The camera will turn to a first person view for all inside and then they need to hope that the driver can get them off-site. This is something that can also be a task as you can see below.

As of the last time I spoke to anyone at Gun Media, Jason can interrupt the escape for the car and it looks like this could be part of the set up. Back at E3 it was mentioned that they were still trying to figure out if Jason could snag players from the car or stop it once it is in motion and the image below kind of hints at that he can. Or it hints at the fact that the car can be used to take Jason down a peg in Friday The 13th by driving into him. Players can "kill" Jason to win from last I heard, but it is something that will not be easy. As it shouldn't…

Friday The 13th: The Game — Drive The Car

Last up, it looks like we have yet another counselor archetype in the mix for Friday The 13th: The Game. This would be the Nerd/Class Clown named Eric J.R. Lachappa. Just like the others, we have a new bit of concept art for the new counselor to look at and know is coming. Earlier on in the game's development it was stated that the Nerd character type would be the one who could fix escape items in the game as well as have a higher composure or stealth skill in the game. Sadly, all we have is a piece of art and a name for the counselor so far but with any luck we'll get a full breakdown of them all soon. At least for those outside of the Virtual Cabin.

Friday The 13th: The Game — Eric 'JR' Lachappa

Will you try to run down Jason in Friday The 13th: The Game if that is an option or will you just choose to drive off? Do you agree that we will see some of the viscera and gore spread on the counselors in the game as they get picked off or is this just for promo? Did you expect the Nerd to also be the Class Clown here? Give us all those thoughts down in the comments and feel free to discuss. Of course there will be more on Friday The 13th and as there is, we will have it here. Be sure to stay locked into the site here so you don't miss out on any of the future updates for the game.