Batman: The Telltale Series Looks To Shake Up Even More With A New Sneak Peek


The next episode of Batman Unmasked is out and it houses another look at how Batman: The Telltale Series is deviating lore in an amazing way

Some of us are still recovering from the amazing twist that took place in the last episode of Batman: The Telltale Series and others out there are just ready for more. I know I am ready for the fourth episode of the game to come out but Telltale Games has still yet to give us a solid release date. We know it will be out before the end of the month but no solid date yet. We will be taking the role again as Batman in the next two weeks though as long as they keep on schedule. Given that we have the latest Unmasked video to look at here I am fairly confident that they will. It has been how the releases of this new story have been flowing so far after all.

Now before we press on I do need to give you a spoiler alert for the following video. It does house some of the best twists and turns that Batman: The Telltale Series has brought us so far and if you want to have a peek at what episode four will hold without all of that, then skip right along to 28:50 in the video and then stop after the Penguin taunts Batman again. You've been warned so don't blame me if you have one the best twists in the franchise spoiled before you play. Watch at your own risk and then follow on below for more on my thoughts of it all.

Batman: The Telltale Series — Unmasked Episode Four

In this newest entry of our 'Batman: Unmasked' discussion series, host Greg Miller of sits down to chat with Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3 Lead Writer Nicole Martinez, voice of Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin Jason Spisak, and Vicki Vale herself Erin Yvette. They get right into dissecting the shocking events and revelations of Episode 3: ‘New World Order’, discuss the complex nature of bringing a new twist to these classic Batman characters, and get an exclusive first look at Episode 4: ‘Guardian of Gotham’. They also dig into the series bigger narrative themes, as well as the creative process behind bringing this interactive Dark Knight tale to life.

So I'm going to skip over all the fun stuff shown off in the rest of the video here and just focus on the new sneak peek. I do have to note that the last sneak peek for Batman: The Telltale Series did show a different path with Harvey fully becoming Two Face while my game still shows him in perfect physical condition. Choices and the long run here. What is also interesting to see is that we'll get to see the Penguin not only messing with Bruce in the episode but also that he has some solid plans for Batman as well. All the way down to being able to negate all of the cool Wayne Tech that is being used. Not the first time the character has done this in the overall franchise but the twist here looks amazing. Especially since everyone thinks that Bats is only powerful with the gadgets and not on his own. I wonder if that will get twisted at all.

Are you ready for the next episode of Batman: The Telltale Series or are you still holding out to play it all at once? Has the story that Telltale Games has been giving us strayed too far from what is familiar for you or is it the perfect twist the IP needed? Do you think that we will get the usual "happy ending" in episode five or will we see another great one where everything fails? Let us know your thoughts on it all and discuss in the comments. For more on Batman in any of his forms in gaming though be sure to stay right here. We'll keep bringing you all the news and updates we can for the character and hopefully more great video games are on the rise.