Horizon Zero Dawn Is Truly Creating New Worlds For Us

Horizon Zero Dawn

Another behind the scenes video for Horizon Zero Dawn has released and this time we get to see how Horizon Zero Dawn's world was crafted for us

We've seen some of the world of Horizon Zero Dawn but now it is time to have a look at a bit more. I mean, we've been told that it is going to be a massive one and given that we all know Guerrilla Games for the Killzone titles it may be a bit hard to get a solid grasp on it all. Not to say that those worlds were not huge in their own right, but for Horizon Zero Dawn we need something truly massive as we have an action RPG of sorts to play here on the PS4 and we can't be limited to the normal sizes of FPS titles out there. Also, now we don't have to keep speculating until February 28th on all of this.

In terms of new footage for Horizon Zero Dawn being mixed in, there is a bit more but mostly a lot of what we've seen before and experienced at all of those conventions so far. The devs do dig in a bit more into how they approached all of this as this would be new territory for them in game genres. The two main genres we know them for are vastly different and it is interesting to see them dive into something new for Horizon Zero Dawn. If all they did was pump out FPS titles after all they would become complacent and not really perfect or add to their craft.

There isn't much more to say here that Guerrilla Games doesn't say better in the below video we have. Have a look at it all and then get ready for another wait until more for Horizon Zero Dawn is given to us and shown off. Most likely right out of the PSX that is coming in a few weeks now.

Horizon Zero Dawn — Creating A New World

One of the most remarkable features of Horizon Zero Dawn, that has captured imaginations ever since the game was unveiled at E3 2015, is the vibrant, living world that Guerrilla Games have given us a glimpse of.

Do you think that we are going to get something truly new here for Horizon Zero Dawn in terms of world or will they just be borrowing from a lot of other titles and worlds to build this? Do you think that it will be completely new given their history or will the FPS genre make its way in too? How big do you think the final build will be for the game's world? Give us all those thoughts down in the comments and discuss away. As more on Horizon Zero Dawn is revealed, we will have it here for you. Be sure to stay right here so you don't miss out on any of the upcoming updates.