Let's Go Predator Mode With The Latest Update For Last Year

Last Year

A new update for Last Year has been put out there and it shows off some new gameplay for Last Year as well as one of the killer's abilities in the game

If we hop back in the "Way Back Machine" again you might remember a title we found called Last Year. This was back in December of 2014 for those who don't remember and it seemed to have a lot of similarities between it and the official Friday The 13th game that we are looking forward to. In fact, back then it was a hot topic between all parties given the similarities but none the less Last Year was still in the works after all of the dust had settled. We just hadn't heard much about this 5v1 multiplayer game since then even though it had reached twice its funding request on Kickstarter.

Personally I thought Last Year was scrapped but then we look down below and it looks like development is and has been in full swing as we have a look at a new ability that the killers will have in the game. Something that they are calling Predator Mode and will help you be able to outsmart and slay all of those dumb teenagers we see in the horror films. Although the name doesn't actually work just as one would think based on the name. But don't let that detract you from the interesting game mode that the team has come up with to get some pretty sweet kills out there.

The way this ability works is that you, as the killer, can activate Predator Mode during your Last Year match and this will de-spawn the character from the map. More or less it makes you invisible to the rest of the world and gives you the ability to zoom around the map at great speeds. Activating it requires you to not be seen by any of the other players at the time but then it looks like you can scout out and set up death traps to your heart's content. Something that was mentioned back in the initial phase of funding but now we get to see it in action. Really cool stuff.

Last Year — Predator Mode

To become the ultimate Killer you need to master the ultimate tool: Predator Mode. With Predator Mode the environment becomes the ultimate weapon. The Killer comes smashing through windows and walls, he rigs trap doors to isolate survivors from each other, and plants gas bombs wire traps to catch and destroy lone survivors.

I do have to say that given the lack of news up to now and the comparison that Last Year had to the other title, I am glad to see that this is the outcome so far. It looks like the game is shaping up rather well here and I'm excited to see more. Also worth note here is the release year for Last Year has been changed to 2017 and it will be on the PC via Steam at that point. I mention this as their FAQ still claims a November 2016 release with the possibility of consoles too. While the latter isn't completely pulled off the table I have a feeling that there will not be a release date met for the November timeline. Hopefully just more footage and updates.

Are you glad to see that Last Year is still in full development here or did you think it was dead already? What do you think about the Predator Mode here? Do you think it is a bit overpowered or is this just in the case here as they are trying to just show off the ideal way to use it? Let us know your thoughts on all of this in the comments below. As we get more on Last Year you know we'll have it here on the site. Be sure to stick around here to make sure you are as up to date as you can be on all of this.