Robinson: The Journey Aims To Give Us That Childhood Wonder Again


The third developer diary for Robinson: The Journey has been released and it covers the characters, companions, and curiosity Robinson aims to give us

With only a few weeks until Robinson: The Journey's release on the PSVR system, November 8th, I know we all still have a few questions as to the true aim of the game here. So far Crytek has shown us that it is an exploration style game that takes place on a different planet in the future. With dinosaurs and all kinds of other prehistoric creatures. Robinson: The Journey looks great so far but if you haven't been paying attention to the game and all of its details you may have missed out on a few things and one of the other huge aspects of the game. There is more to it than moving about and searching; there is a story and characters here.

To better drive all of this home, the team has put out another developer diary for Robinson and this time it details out the main character a bit and the companions that Robin will have along the way. Not only that but it looks like they are also trying to capture that child-like wonder we all had before life beat it out of us. If nothing more, that looks to be one of the main goals of the story, game, and VR experience we are going to have here on November 8th. You know, just what video games are supposed to give us when not built just for the fun gameplay. See, they can be art and give us the same wonder…

Anyways, here's the team over at Crytek to explain more on the two companions we'll have while traversing Robinson: The Journey. It does seem like we'll have another floating robot to guide us around but at least we'll also have what looks like a pet raptor or t-rex to follow us around and play with. I wonder if there will be an issue when we all grow up or if the lizard brain will stay quite.

Robinson: The Journey — Characters, Companions & Curiosity

Right from the outset of development, the team behind Robinson: The Journey wanted to capture the childlike wonder of imagining a world filled with dinosaurs. VR gave them the power to bring that feeling home in spectacular style, and it was up to the team to think creatively about how they could invoke a sense of awe not just when you pull the PlayStation VR headset on for the first time, but right throughout the Robinson universe.

How ready are you to take the trip into Robinson: The Journey's world here in a few weeks? Are you excited to see if you can get that same feeling of wonder as we all had as children or do you think that will be missed here? Do you think there will be a story mixed in where the dinosaur's mother comes back or it turns on you? Let us know your thoughts on it all down in the comments and discuss. As more on Robinson is revealed before launch, we'll have it here. Be sure to stay tuned in as you won't want to miss it.