Place Your Bets & Get Read To Race Chocobos In Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

New gameplay footage for Final Fantasy XV's chocobo races has sprung up and it lets us see how Final Fantasy XV will handle them

It's been no secret that Final Fantasy XV was going to be bringing back these beloved creatures and that we were going to get to ride them. Hells, Square Enix even made mention before that we were going to get to race them again as we have in past version of the franchise. Mentioned but had yet to fully shown just how it would handle in Final Fantasy XV once it hits the gamer's hands on November 29th. Something all of us care about, or at least hopefully care about, when it comes to our games and such. At least I know that I do.

Well, wait no more as we have some new video to see just how two types of races here will handle in Final Fantasy XV and from the looks of it how it will handle in the hands of gamers. It looks like Gamespot had a chance to give the mode a play recently and they have provided a video of said gameplay. From the looks of it too, it looks like it is raw and not being driven by someone who has been playing the game nonstop for the last few years of development. Give it a look at you'll hopefully see exactly what I am talking about here.

Final Fantasy XV — Chocobo Race

Race Chocobos and take on the Chocobo hoop challenge in Final Fantasy XV.

First off, it does look like things were running a little rocky here for Final Fantasy XV in the terms of frame rate and smoothness. That or it could have been just how the player was playing and we had a nice front row seat to see it in motion. Not only that but we also had a nice look at how awkward things could get in a race once we screw up slightly. We've all been there in missing a hoop in other games and then struggle to get back on path. It does look like Final Fantasy XV is a little forgiving when it comes to that as even with the screw up the player was able to still get back on track.

I think the thing that bugs me the most here is the horribly repeated lines of the opponents in the race. This was only one race and it wasn't a long one but I know I grew more and more agitated each time I heard the canned quote over and over. With all the work that Square Enix has put into the game you'd think we would have a plethora of quotes to be played and I hope that this is just one small case of it. If not, I don't see myself playing many of these races outside of any that are required to press on with the overall story. You know there will be one race forced at some point.

What do you think about the races here for Final Fantasy XV? Do you think that it looks a bit clunky or was that just the result of the player here? Do you think that we'll have at least one forced race in the game or will they all be optional and for fun? Let us know your thoughts on it all in the comments and discuss. For more on Final Fantasy XV as it gets released you'll want to stay right here as we'll keep the news flowing out just as soon as we get it.