There Have Already Been A Lot Of Final Fantasy XV Fond Memories

Final Fantasy XV

The final voice cast video for Final Fantasy XV has released and it shows us just what parts of Final Fantasy XV the cast hold dear to themselves

It's almost like Square Enix wants to keep teasing us with new stuff for Final Fantasy XV without actually giving us any more than they already have. We have had a few hours worth of gameplay shown off already if we combined all of the footage up to now in one spot. Given that Final Fantasy XV is looking at a long time frame to beat it doesn't seem like they could really show us that much more before November 29th that would spoil it all but I guess that could be a worry over there so we end up where we are right now.

So where are we right now? Well it looks like we now have the final video from the English voice cast of Final Fantasy XV as they share some of their memories of the franchise's history as well as some of the memories of how it was recording all the dialog we are going to be hearing here soon. It gives us just enough to remember that the game is coming still but doesn't really show us anything that we didn't know or figure out already. None the less we do get to see some of the behind the scenes of what goes on between voice actors in a game like this. Oh the pranks and outtakes…

If you are not a fan of behind the scenes or where here to see some new gameplay for Final Fantasy XV you might want to consider skipping right along though. There isn't much more than seeing the voice actors and work and doing what they do best. It is kind of fun to see what goes into a game like this from Square Enix but if you are here for raw gameplay you are going to be left wanting. Thankfully though we are now a month out from the new release date now so that wait won't be too insane for us all. Thankfully.

Final Fantasy XV — The English Voice Cast Pt. 3

In the final part to The English Voice Cast series, the cast of Final Fantasy XV share their fondest memories of recording the game as well as their thoughts on being part of Final Fantasy history.

Are you completely ready for Final Fantasy XV or do you still have a lot of questions that need answering? Do you think that some of these outtakes are going to get slipped in or will they just stay the things of interviews? How do you think this "bond" will affect the overall performances that were needed to bring the game to life for us? Let us know your thoughts on all this in the comments and feel free to discuss. For more on Final Fantasy XV as it is released, be sure to be right here as we'll keep bringing you all the ins and outs of the game that we can find.