Some Kind Of Red Dead Announcement Is Coming

Red Dead

More teases for another Red Dead title looks to be on the verge of announcing as we get multiple Red Dead images popping up online

It's always fun to get teases like the ones we've seen for a possible new Red Dead title in the wee hours of the morning. At least that is what started all of this off as early on 10/16 Rockstar Games put out a new logo that used the iconic red colors used in the franchise. Then this morning it was followed up by another new image showing off what looks to be a bunch of people in western gear walking away from the sun. Something very iconic for the Red Dead franchise so it could look like a new title is on the verge of announcement. That or they are seriously trolling all of us gamers out there for now real reason. Or a HD remaster announcement for the old titles…

Of course to go along with all of this it looks like Take-Two Interactive has also filed for a trademark on something called "Ghost Story" and video games are covered in said trademark so your guess is as good as mine on what could truly be in the works here. None the less it does look like something in the Red Dead line is in the works…hopefully. You can have a look at the current teases as of this posting just below so you can be brought up to speed on what has been causing a huge stir online for the Red Dead franchise so far.

If this is all the start of a new marketing campaign for something Red Dead I have a feeling that it will all wrap up before November 2nd at some point so we won't have to wait much longer to see what is being cooked up. That date is specific as Take-Two Interactive is hosting their quarterly financials and it would make sense to list in a new Red Dead title at that point if it is something being done. Although given how Rockstar Games is going here I wouldn't be surprised if it was by the end of the week. We'll just have to wait and hope for now.

Do you think all of this is going to be for a new Red Dead title or could Ghost Story be something completely different? Do you think the two things are even linked? Would you like to see a sequel, prequel, or something else for the franchise? Let us know in the comments and discuss. For more on this Red Dead tease and possible announcement be sure to stick around here as we'll keep digging and have more to bring you. You'll want to not miss a thing…at least if you are a fan…