Will You Answer The Call Resident Evil 7 Is Making Here

Resident Evil 7

Two new videos for Resident Evil 7 have been released and both show off some new things coming to Resident Evil 7 while not too much

It looks like two new teaser videos for Resident Evil 7 have released and both of them look straight forward until you start to dig into things and see what could be teased here. It seems that this is going to keep being the way for Capcom as they promote the game but that just means that the ride until January 24th is going to be a fun one; right? Sure why not and if not we can just keep distracting ourselves with these new little teasers for Resident Evil 7 until then. It really doesn't seem like it is too far off anymore but that could be just me.

Anyways, as mentioned above we have two new videos for Resident Evil 7 that have cause some stirring in questions and speculation. The first one we have here is called "Mysterious Caller." Just as the name states, it is a random phone call that happens in the game and some are hearing Capcom teasing a returning character to the franchise. Of course the first name that pops up is Ada Wong given her past and the accent mixed in. I totally hear Sheva Alomar of Resident Evil 5 fame but that is if this isn't just some new character for Resident Evil 7 that just happens to sound close. Be the judge for yourself though.

Resident Evil 7 — Mysterious Caller

If this is a returning character for Resident Evil 7 I am a bit curious as to what this could mean for the game. So far we've only really seen the name of the game to link this game to the overall franchise and this could mean something like RE5 is going on here but in a different area of the world and with different people. Of course that is just speculation and nothing solid as of yet to link it all. Hells, like I said this could be nothing more than another character added into the messed up new story. I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Moving right along, here we go with another short clip for Resident Evil 7 and this one is all about the shotgun and firearms in the game. We don't get to see them in use but we get to see the character we are playing pick one up and get ready to use it. For the most part this video isn't all that exciting and new as we knew that gun play and combat was going to be in the final version Resident Evil 7 and Capcom has been pretty open about that. I will say that it does look to hide another little gem in the mix but I'll let you have a look to see if you can spot it before pointing it out.

Resident Evil 7 — Shotgun In The Box

Did you catch it? No? Yes? None the less, for those who didn't, it looks like we have a look at yet another area in Resident Evil 7; albeit a short look. At first glance it looks like just another room that we've seen and played in before from the demo. But if you look at the first few frames of the video here you will see that this is actually a hut someone in a swamp in Resident Evil 7. Again, it is nothing huge but it does give us a look at yet another location in the game even if for a few moments. Then we get to see the boom-stick that we will most likely be slaying with shortly after.

What are your thoughts on these two new videos for Resident Evil 7? Do you think that we will be having an old character coming back or was this to tease something else? What about the swamp lands that we have here when picking up the shotgun? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and feel free to discuss. For more on Resident Evil 7 as it gets released you'll want to stay right here on the site. We'll have all of the little teases and jaw-dropping news and updates that we can dig up out of the marshlands for you.