Dishonored 2's Level Possibilities Feel Endless With Their Themed Missions

Dishonored 2

Another developer diary for Dishonored 2 has released and this one delves into the endless possibilities that Dishonored 2's levels should feel to have

We've seen some great level design so far in Dishonored 2 over the marketing campaign and showing off of the game so far. It looks like it will be another impressive feather in the cap of Arkane Studios when it finally hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 11th. Of course all of that does come with the worry that Bethesda has only allowed the best parts of Dishonored 2 to be shown off so far and have hidden away any blemishes that might be there or will still be there after launch. Not like that never happens in the video game world right? Of course it does but let's not focus there as we have a new video filled with level goodness to look at.

Here we go with yet another developer diary for Dishonored 2 and this one has the team talking about the level design and how they tackled it. Also how some of the missions are very themed to give us a few new gameplay experiences and other that aim to recycle what was amazing about the first Dishonored and let us relive some of those great experiences with all of the upgrades to the franchise. I'm not talking in terms of loading old missions here but more the spirit and them of missions where areas are filled with enemies and you need to get in quietly or kill them all. Your choice.

This is all me paraphrasing what the team over at Arkane Studios has to show us here for Dishonored 2 of course and you should really check out the video for yourself so you are fully informed. You may even get to spot a few new items and areas mixed in that have yet to be highlighted at all in the past. Hopefully this doesn't sour your thoughts on Dishonored 2 and only makes you that much more excited to get the game when it finally lands out there.

Dishonored 2 — Themed Missions

Dishonored 2 brings back classic Dishonored missions – but with a twist. Along with a highly defended location and a high-value target, every mission now has its own epic theme. Whether it’s multiple targets, time travel, a mansion with moving parts, or a location that shows off the game’s alt-Victorian setting, Dishonored 2 levels up the missions, while offering even more options to play your way in the game’s new setting.

What are your thoughts on the level design here for Dishonored 2? Were you hoping that it would stay closer to the original stuff we had before or did you want something completely new to push the development beyond the normal limitations we get? Do you think that we will ever see all of the different deviations that the game has to offer in terms of paths or will we all hunt out the best ones and stick to them? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments. As with all games, be sure to stay right here so you can get more on Dishonored 2 as Bethesda gives it out. We'll hopefully have it all right here for you.