Battlefield 1 Is Trying A Different Take On How Single Player Will Pan Out

Battlefield 1

A new trailer for Battlefield 1 has been released alongside some new information on Battlefield 1's story will play out for us all

We are just a month out from Battlefield 1 finally launching and we've had some solid looks at just how multiplayer is going to work and feel. At least if you've been keeping up with all of the gameplay videos that DICE had put together and were lucky enough to take part in the beta test that EA hosted for us. All of this is fine and good but we also know that Battlefield 1 has a campaign mode mixed in for its October 21st launch on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC and there has been little talk about what the story is going to be here and who we are going to be playing as. That is until now.

As it turns out though, we won't being playing as any one person from history here and following a lone protagonist. In fact, Battlefield 1 looks to be trying something new here and giving us what are called "War Stories" which sound like they will be a bit episodic in nature even though this isn't that style of game. We are just going to be playing out different parts of the war through the eyes of many different people and not have one linear path to go down. At least in terms of the grander scale as each "War Story" will be its own thing and just tie into the overall war. An interesting way to go here if you ask me.

You can see the new trailer just below that doesn't really show this off in any great detail; but it does look amazing none the less. Where the real update comes is from the examples of the missions in the text following the video. It describes out one of the stories we'll get to see and play and then move on from once it is completed. And this is just one as it turns out that another will be based on us taking the role of Lawrence of Arabia's right hand man and going through all of the conflicts that raised up and played out. Again, a truly interesting take and I can't wait to see how it all works out.

Battlefield 1 — Single Player

In Battlefield 1 you’ll experience a series of what we call War Stories: personal stories focusing on different protagonists with unique backgrounds and skills. While our characters are at war, the stories in Battlefield 1 are personal. They’re about people rather than history or battles.

The Great War is diverse. We knew we wanted to embrace that variety. There were so many different perspectives and characters in World War 1 and we wanted to cover as much ground as possible.

One example is the War Story Through Mud and Blood. It takes place late in the war and centers on a British Mark V Tank crew. The story focuses on a young soldier assigned to the crew as the tank’s driver. However, our protagonist has no experience of these modern war vehicles and need to learn – and learn fast. Our hero is also struggling with earning the trust of his fellow crew members, so there’s a social dynamic in the story, making the whole thing something personal. Danny Edwards, our driver character, is not an ace sniper. He’s not a crack pilot. He’s not a demo expert. He’s a former chauffeur – a volunteer new to the war. He can drive and he can fix things. That’s where we start.

What do you think about DICE's new way to bring us story in Battlefield 1 here? Do you think that there will still be an overarching story in the background besides just WWI to connect them all or will they be compartmentalized as it sounds? What other areas of the war do you think that we'll get to see in these new War Stories? Let us know your thoughts and feelings down in the comments. For more on Battlefield 1 as we head into launch, be sure to stay right here as we'll keep bringing you all of the information as we get it and hopefully there will be a lot more soon.