See Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood Bring Terror To Life

Until Dawn

A new developer diary for Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood has been released and it shows just how Until Dawn is going to enter the VR realms and what the team has done

We are getting ever closer to the release of Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood as the PlayStation VR system is on the verge as well. I've personally played the demo that Supermassive Games had put together a few times and see a few other videos of how the game has progressed. It looks like it could be a great VR experience but I'm still not sure if it should share the Until Dawn name and just be a hodgepodge of all of their titles. That's been my question since day one but it looks like that will keep going unanswered for a bit now.

We'll as it's been mentioned above, we have some new video to see just how Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood has progressed and how the team is building a true horror experience even though it is an on-rails shooter. It will be a lot more than just jump scares and a lot of gore from the sound of things too. There will also be tension built in like many other good horror forms but since it is a guided tour more than anything I'm not certain how that will be pulled off. Usually it is the player's personal pace that builds the tension more and more and not the hand holding.

Of course Supermassive Games can describe it all a lot better than I can here so I'll let you go to watch it. I know I am still excited to see Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood finally come although I would have rather had a sequel to the core game. Maybe this will be the leap pad for that to truly happen later.

Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood — Bringing Terror to Life

With Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood being a horror title, this immersion also operates at a second level – triggering your fear and adrenaline to provide an incredible rollercoaster ride.

Are you excited for Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood to finally come or does it look like it will be just a rail shooter with jump scares? Would you rather have seen the game built around an original IP or are you fine with it based on Until Dawn in general? Have you had a chance to play the demo yet or is it all still new to you? Let us know and feel free to comment in the space below. For more on Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood as it comes out, be sure to stay here as we'll bring it all as we can.