World Of Final Fantasy Gets All Blue With New Screenshots

Final Fantasy

A new batch of World Of Final Fantasy screenshots have been released and it looks like a lot of classic Final Fantasy characters/monsters are getting added in

Usually a game like World Of Final Fantasy would be something I would overlook given the art style and the "cuteness" shown so far. Thankfully I have been pushing past all of those biases to see what Square Enix has to offer and with each new batch of screenshots and video for the game I am glad I do. Now I am on the verge of not being able to wait for World Of Final Fantasy to finally release on October 25th as we have a whole new batch of screenshots that look to bring a lot of the classic characters and monsters back into the mix. Some of them from the best title in the series; Final Fantasy VI.

For those fans of pretty much every title in the franchise you'll be glad to see that Ultros is heading to World Of Final Fantasy in the chibi style as well as Terra and Gilgamesh. At least those are the ones that stand out to me as we see the crew going through the motions in the game and coming in contact with a lot of the new and classic locations from all of the games past. This looks to be more of a world of Final Fantasy than even the MMO could have given us. I just kind of wish that we'd get to see the characters redone for the new generation and not in just a chibi style. I think I'd have not needed a single push to get behind a game like that.

Have a look for yourself and see what other characters, monsters, bosses, and location we'll be going to see in World Of Final Fantasy when it finally comes to the PS4 and PS Vita. Not much time now and there is so much to look at.

World Of Final Fantasy — New Screenshots

The new images depict heroes Reynn and Lann as they encounter the Quacho Queen, who dwells in the wondrous Sunken Temple, and Ultros, the popular octopus-like Mirage first featured in Final Fantasy VI. New Mirages like the quacho, sharqual, mega sharqual, mindflayer and kraken roam these stunning new environments. Classic characters – including Boko, Terra, Bartz and Gilgamesh – return in adorable chibi-style art. The Mega Mirage Bahamut can also be seen using his powerful Megaflare to annihilate everything in sight, while the ultra-rare Bismarck, known as the “shining demon,” lurks in the deep seas.

What other characters and such did you see coming to World Of Final Fantasy that may have been missed here? Are you getting just as excited for this game as I have been or were you completely sold from day one? Do you think it is still too much to hope for a full remake of FFVI? Let us know your thoughts and hopes down in the comments and feel free to discuss. As more on World Of Final Fantasy comes out of Square Enix here, we'll have it up on the site for you. Be sure to stay right here as it looks like this may be another great addition into the franchise.