Friday The 13th: The Game's Jason Room Is Now Open For Scares

Friday The 13th

A new update to Friday The 13th: The Game's digital cabin has been made and we get more to see for Friday The 13th's big bad Jason in the game

It hasn't been that long since the Friday The 13th: The Game digital cabin came online and fans who backed or are still banking the game had a chance to check out the "safe area" in the game where we can check out all of our collected gear and items. Illfonic and Gun Media put this together early but it will be in the final game so you can see everything you want out side of a match. Sadly, when it first launched it was just an icon cabin from the Friday The 13th series and game with little more than a few developer diaries and music to check out from the game. That and Jason stalking the grounds but unable to get to you.

In the most recent update for the digital cabin here though it looks like we can now head out and go after Jason ourselves. Well, more go into his basement and check out each of the currently announced skins for Friday The 13th here; each with their own little description on where they are from. Currently it only shows off three of the Jasons but it looks like there are at least three more to come. Maybe at a later update or after the game fully launches and we have leveled enough to be able to play as that Jason skin. I believe that is still the plan on their end for gameplay.

Friday The 13th: The Game — Virtual Cabin Jason Room

While each of them look amazing and are iconic for each film it is weird to hear and read that each one is "the most important" to the franchise or "the most iconic" when all is said and done. I'm not knocking any of them at all but it seems odd to celebrate each from their respective film but state that they are the best of the Friday The 13th franchise. Of course to a true fan I guess that works but as a thematic and enticing thing it is hard to choose a best when they are all listed as the best. Especially since each only brings an aesthetic change and not a gameplay one. Unless your opponents had nightmares of the skin you are playing with in real life.

There is no word on when the content in Friday The 13th: The Game's digital cabin will get another update but as Illfonic has been pushing things out regularly I think we'll see one soon. At least I know there is yet another update to enhance some of the textures and visuals coming out pretty much as you are reading this right now. None the less, if you haven't had a chance to experience Friday The 13th: The Game's digital cabin then you should give the game a "backing" and secure your copy now. Not all games give you something fun to hold you over while you wait for the final product but this one sure does.

What do you think about the Jasons we have here for Friday The 13th: The Game already? What do you think will be in the other three cases for his basement? When do you think we will get to see some of the other rooms open up in the digital cabin? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to discuss in the comments below. As has already been the case so far we will keep a close eye on all things Friday The 13th here. Be sure to keep your eyes locked in here so you can see all the updates as they flow out on the game as well.