Just How Will Friday The 13th: The Game's Counselors Play Out

Friday The 13th

New details on how Friday The 13th: The Game's counselors will handle in the game have popped up and it looks like Friday The 13th is going to break a few multiplayer molds here

There is still a lot of time and information needing to be spread out for Friday The 13th: The Game and it looks like just a bit more has popped on up. While Illfonic has been giving us small little breakdowns of how some mechanics play out it looks like the guys from Gun Media have given us all a bit more on how the counselors in the game will handle and play out. Not only will they stay to the traditional Friday The 13th path in terms of stereotypes but it looks like we are not going to be limited to only having one of the stereotypes in action at one time.

While a lot of the following video is a little bit of a recap on what we've seen and heard for Friday The 13th: The Game so far it looks like there is a bit of new mixed in. Like that we should be getting ten counselors out of the gate to try and survive and kill Jason with. We've had a few concepts thrown out already but the more interesting aspect is that we will not be limited on the number of said stereotype mixed into it all. If all seven players want to play as the Jock they will be able to. They just need to know that there will be some limitations in terms of how fast things can get done as the Jock may not be able to repair the car or phones as fast as the Nerdy Guy or the Edgy Guy. They still can just at a slower rate.

Obviously the look of all of them will be altered and mitigated based on the clothes and gear that will be unlocked as the game progresses so not each Jock will look the same as an example. That and we will also need to unlock some of the counselors as we play Friday The 13th: The Game but that isn't completely new to us all. I'm hoping this is more in terms of future counselors being added in the future but this could be with the core ten we will be starting with. I guess we'll just have to wait and see on all of that and hopefully that won't be a long wait.

Friday The 13th: The Game — Camp Counselor Breakdown

It is good to hear that Illfonic is going to lengths to stop trolling on the counselors in Friday The 13th: The Game too when it comes to being saved. The video above does place a good example when it comes to having the cops show up to save the day as it would be the easiest way for a Jason player to lock everyone down by just spawning to the cops and murdering them all. It would kind of fit the Friday The 13th universe if he could but I agree that it would be a little unbalanced when all is said and done. Then again he could just keep stalking the paths that lead to the cops and end everyone along the way.

Are you glad to see some of the new stuff for Friday The 13th: The Game's counselors here? Do you think we will be getting all of the base ten out the gate or will we have to unlock them through leveling our accounts with gameplay? Do you think that we will see multiple vehicles to escape with to bring the full count to seven or will we by default always have to sacrifice one player to Jason for the rest to get away? Let us know what you are thinking and feel free to discuss further in the comments below. As we stalk more Friday The 13th news and updates out there we will have them here. Be sure to stay glued to the site so you can be as up to date as ever.