Street Fighter V Is Getting Balrog Soon & More Fighters Teased

Street Fighter V

The next update for Street Fighter V will be bringing Balrog into the mix as well as adding a lot of new Street Fighter V stages and costumes…and character teases

Another month has gone by and now we have another Street Fighter V update coming to us on July 1st for the PS4 and PC versions of the game. This one brings a whole new character into the mix with Balrog; something that Capcom had already announced a while ago but now he is coming. Also on the list for Street Fighter V though would be a whole slew of new character costumes/skins, new battle stages, and two more characters get a tease for a future update. No spoilers just yet but let's get into Balrog for now.

For those who have zero history in the franchise outside of Street Fighter V, should be few there though, he is a pro-boxer turned street fighter for Bison after using too many illegal techniques in the official rings. He's a heavy hitter who has been around since Street Fighter 2 and been in so many different versions of the franchise and cross-over titles. I'm shocked that it took this long to get him into the game so far but I guess they just wanted to make sure that extra care was taken with this DLC character. At least that will be my assumption.

As a boxer, hopefully you can figure out his main style of fighting and the skills that he will be bringing with him into Street Fighter V. His V-Trigger, V-Skill, and Critical Art are all surrounding his hard hitting punches with his V-Skill allowing him to bypass projectiles when active. You can see him in action down below in the latest reveal trailer for Street Fighter V. Then just keep your eyes open to see Balrog join the cast.

Street Fighter V — Balrog Reveal

You most likely stuck around after and saw the tease for the two new characters that Capcom has planned for Street Fighter V. We have Juri and Urien joining the cast here at some future point. As of now there is no word on when they will be joining the fight but they wanted us to all see them in action, a little bit, just to know that the game is still getting everything promised back when it was announced and then released. I guess we'll just have to be patient for now and look back on the two characters to get an idea of what they will be bringing.

Lastly, as mentioned, we will have the usual character costumes that come with the updates but with the new character here we have a new Stage for Street Fighter V. It looks like the classic Las Vegas themed stage will be getting a makeover for Balrog here and be available for us with the update. Also it looks like we are getting The Kanzuki Family Private Beach added in as an option for just 70,000 fight money. Hopefully you have all of that saved up so there will be no waiting for you. If not, then get to playing and winning in the game.

Are you amped to see that Balrog is finally making an appearance in Street Fighter V? Are you curious as to why they waited so long for the character to join the ranks? What do you think about all of the new stages that we will be getting into the mix for the game? Let us know and as always feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Street Fighter V as we get it all, be sure to stay glued right here to the site as we will bring them all as they come to us.