The God Of War Demo Had A Lot More In It Than We Thought

God Of War

A new look at the God Of War demo out of E3 has been release where a few of the God Of War developers explain more on the game than we saw live

Last week the world was given a great surprise in terms of the new God Of War being shown off at E3. A lot of questions obviously popped up due to all of this but Santa Monica Studios was very tight lipped about every aspect of the game that we couldn't physically see in the demo. Believe me I tried and the closest little extra I got for God Of War was the fact that they are not ignoring anything from his past but are doing a solid continuation. That and it will of course be on the PS4 but that is all stuff that we could have just made a solid assumption on given the state of everything.

Thankfully though it looks like the developers are ready to offer up a little extra on God Of War after E3 has finally settled down. In fact, they take us right through the demo again and shed a little light on some of the assumed and speculated aspects of the game we had based on it all. Like the fact that the camera is closer and we have the ability to control it. Or the fact that Kratos' son will be with us through the whole story and not just this little section. In fact, it looks like he will be getting a leveling system as well. I am guessing that is what the little XP bonuses that pop up are for as I am certain Kratos knows archery out the gate but the kid doesn't.

I'll let you dig into the new video for God Of War here as they go into a few other little things we already knew based on the demo. Like the ax can return to us and we can use our fists to do damage in the mix as well. That and the game's world also tells us all a bit more of the story as we wander on through; including upcoming dangers that we are walking into.

God Of War — Gameplay Walkthrough

What do you think about the new God Of War given the new information? Was this all something that you assumed already or is it truly new to you as well? Are you excited to see that we may be getting something along the lines of The Last Of Us in terms of a co-op story? Let us know and discuss in the comments below. Of course as more on God Of War comes out we will have it here for you. Be sure to keep your eyes glued to the site so you can be completely up to snuff on all aspects of the game. It won't disappoint.