Paragon Gets A New Cyborg Support-Tank Named Riktor Next Week


Another hero has been added to Paragon's long list and we can all look forward to meeting Paragon's new hero, Riktor in next week's update

It looks like we get to add yet another hero to the list of Paragon heroes next week as we have another here with Riktor. Epic Games said they were going to try for something new every three weeks and it looks like they are truly keeping to it. Hopefully this does keep going well after Paragon leaves "early access" on June 7th but that could be one tall order. If anyone is up to it all I am certain they are but let's dig into the new hero Riktor here coming in the next update on May 31st for free.

At first glance Riktor looks like her is another great brawler added into the mix here. Looks are deceiving as he is another tank added into Paragon who happens to also be more on the support side of combat more than anything. This is particularly noticeable when you see him pull a Spawn-like attack what deals damage but also grounds all of the enemy heroes and their minions in the lane. You can't deny after seeing the following trailer that it looks like he is whipping around chains that glow with a burning light that the comparison holds up quite well.

Have a look at the new Support-Tank in action for Paragon here and get ready for him to join the ranks just after the huge open beta that is going on right now ends. Hopefully you can get into that and want to continue playing well after so you can give Riktor a play.

Paragon — Riktor Announce

The TL;DR on Riktor is that he is a melee tank who specializes in crowd control. He's a powerful initiator who brings order to the battlefield by locking down targets and pacifying enemies. His Riplash ability reaches out with his electric chain and pulls in enemy Heroes and/or minions while dealing damage. His Shock Therapy disrupts enemies by silencing them and his Skewer Ultimate uses a web of chains to damage and stun everyone in his path.

What do you think about this new Paragon hero that is coming to us for free? Do you also see the Spawn comparison or would you rather go with Ghost Rider? Do you think that Epic Games will truly keep up the every three weeks process moving forward? Let us know what you think and discuss in the comments below. As we find out more on Paragon we will have it here for you. Be sure to keep your browser locked into the site for all of that as it comes out.