Final Fantasy XV's World Of Wonder Expands Even More

Final Fantasy XV

More Final Fantasy XV footage has been released out into the wild and lets us see even more of Final Fantasy XV's world and environments we'll be fighting through

As it turns out the latest little bit for Final Fantasy XV we had yesterday wasn't the only new footage we were being treated to here. As it would seem, Square Enix had even more of the game's landscapes and world to show off but stowed it all away for another update. This would be said update and now we have another three minutes of environmental fly-by to look at for Final Fantasy XV. Just in case you didn't want to wait until September 30th to see the game's world in total and action. Then again here you don't have to worry about wandering monsters.

Some of this may seem "old hat" to you but there are quite a few new locations or at least new looks at these locations we've seen before. While it may not be offering up anything amazing in terms of gameplay it does offer up quite a bit at how amazing the world of Final Fantasy XV is going to look. Not that we had any doubt before but this is more or less a reaffirmation that the team there has taken their time to make this long awaited title all that it can be. Some of which could be completely mistaken for real world locations if viewed in that mentality. It's kind of scary…

Final Fantasy XV — World Of Wonder Environment Footage

I have a feeling this may be the last we see or hear of Final Fantasy XV at least until E3 this year so it is time to absorb all of this as much as we can until anything new flows on out. They are in their final run for the game so I am certain we'll be getting even more to sell us on why we need to spend another 200+ hours in the game world. Thankfully here though it does look like those who will be taking the plunge will have some amazing things to see as they drive around looking for things to kill.

What do you think of the "new" new footage we have for Final Fantasy XV? Are we getting to a perfect blending place in video games with this; in terms of photo-realism? When do you think we will get a full breakdown of the advanced combat system for the game? Let us know what you think and discuss away in the comments below. Fore footage on Final Fantasy XV keep your browser locked in here. Even if it isn't much we will have it up for you on the site as soon as we can.