New Skins, Soundtrack, & Collectibles For Friday The 13th: The Game

Friday The 13th

Big updates for Friday The 13th: The Game have been released and they include a new Friday The 13th writer signing on as well as new in-game elements

It was safe to assume that we were going to get some Friday The 13th: The Game updates today and as it turns out Illfonic did not let us down at all there. In fact there are a whole slew of updates for this awesome multiplayer title that you're going to have to take a small break from the movie marathon to enjoy. Especially if you were gearing up to watch Friday The 13th Part VI as this will have some major impact on fans of that title or just the franchise in general.

To start things off here it looks like Tom McLoughlin is now joining the writing team for Friday The 13th. That would be the guy who wrote and directed the sixth addition to the film franchise. It may sound odd gen the fact that the game is slated as a multiplayer title and usually you don't have much need for witty banter when it comes to writing. In this case though it looks like there is a new gameplay element being added in to feature the writing talents and give us all a little more background on Pamela Voorhees.

Mr. McLoughlin will be scripting up a set of collectible tapes for Friday The 13th: The Game here called "The Pamela Tapes." These will be randomly scattered around the matches for players to collect and then listen too at their leisure after winning or losing matches. The idea behind these tapes is to give us all a better insight into who Pamela was in the overall scheme of the franchise as well as how her descent into madness fueled the killings and thus the franchise pushing forward.

Friday The 13th: The Game — Special Announcement

While not an actual single player or story mode for the game here this is the closest we are getting as of now. Of course that could all change as Friday The 13th gets more funding but it is a nice little extra for us all to experience and delve deeper into the franchise as we watch or play as Jason murdering all of those damned counselors.

Speaking on little extras, we also have been treated to the first bit of the soundtrack in the works for Friday The 13th: The Game. Well, at least one new track from Harry Manfredini for the game that adds to the intensity of the matches and fear that Jason is right behind you. It does sound like it could be something that is triggered as you move from safely hiding/running into being stalked and on the verge of death but until we see that in actual gameplay that is only my speculation. It would make perfect sense though.

Friday The 13th: The Game — Soundtrack Preview

Lastly here, it looks like we have another skin for Jason making its way into the mix at the launch of Friday The 13th. This one was teased a while ago but it looks like the funding and work came through and we get to add that icon Sack Head Jason from the second film into the mix of things. This one never inspired fear in me personally but it is an amazing homage to the franchise's history as well as keeping Jason fresh with each match so he doesn't become a boring mask in the bushes over and over. As if…

Friday The 13th: The Game — Sack Head Jason Friday The 13th: The Game — Sack Head Jason

How do you feel about the new collectibles for Friday The 13th: The Game we have here? Does it sound like the team at Illfonic is going to bring us the best version of the franchise we can expect? What are your thoughts on Sack Head Jason making its way into the skin list? Let us know and discuss all you want down in the comments below. For all things Friday The 13th, for today and every other day, keep your browser locked into the site here as we'll have more updates on the game here soon.