Head Back To Arkham As Leaked Batman: Return To Arkham Box Pops Up


A new leaked image all but confirms Batman: Return To Arkham is a thing and we will be playing as Batman again but in terms of the previous Arkham titles

It seems like one of the worst kept secrets for the Batman franchise has been revealed after a whole lot of leaks and rumors spreading around. There is still no solid word out of Rocksteady Games or out of Warner Bros. at that but if the most recent box art to pop up is valid it looks like we will be seeing Batman: Return To Arkham sometime soon. That would be the rumored remastered collection that would house both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City in one nice little package for the PS4 and Xbox One gamers out there who missed out before.

These remasters have been something of rumor since before Arkham Knight released and now it looks like a photo out of an Italian gaming magazine has let the cat out of the bag a little early. Well not too early as if this is all true we will be seeing the collection hitting on June 10th. At least that would be in the EU market so in the NA market it could be as soon as June 7th…if all of this is legit and not another constructed thing just to get "clicks." Here's hoping Batman: Return To Arkham is true and we're days away from announcement.

Batman: Return To Arkham — Box Art

As is the usual case for remasters, Batman: Return To Arkham would house both of the Rocksteady titles with upgraded visuals using the PS4 and XB1 hardware to pull it all off. This collection would obviously house all of the DLC that had ever come out for both titles and hopefully make sure none is still console exclusive. I was so heartbroken to know I couldn't get the Scarecrow Missions way back when the first game came out because it was console exclusive. Hopefully not again.

Is this the most valid "leak" or rumor that proves Batman: Return To Arkham is a thing for you? Does it seem like the timing would be a little on the short end to have an announcement now and a collection like this launch almost weeks later? Do you think everything will be open now no matter the platform you play on? Let us know and discuss as you will down in the comments. As this rumored Batman: Return To Arkham evolves or gets debunked we will have the updates here for you. Stay tuned into the site so you can stay right on top of everything.