Mafia 3 Will Have You Driving More Like A Stunt Driver

Mafia 3

A new trailer for Mafia 3 has been released and this one focuses more on the driving mechanics of Mafia 3 which the developer claim as more Hollywood Stunt Driver than anything

If you were hoping that Mafia 3 was going to be deviating from its franchise's grounded history in driving then you might be a bit upset. For those like me then you may glad to see that Hangar 13 is deviating from the norm a little bit to give us a better cinematic feel when driving around New Bordeaux. At least this is what the most recent trailer and dev explanation for Mafia 3 is aiming at as we are getting what they claim is a Hollywood Stunt Driver feeling when it comes to this game now. Let the fans chose sides and arguing begin.

In the following trailer we get to see a bit more of the driving mechanic of Mafia 3. A few of the team explain how they wanted to capture the "Hollywood action driving" style when it came to zooming around the city and doing what needs to be done. There is still realism in terms of the mass and speed of the car, as well as terrain, but as it is described everything points to re-living some of the great car chases and scenes from classic 60's films. While they did use real cars most of those shots would never be manageable without some of the Hollywood magic.

Mafia 3 — Driving In New Bordeaux

Of course this has been met with concerns from purists of the franchise but as it comes to Mafia 3 why not have some changes to things? I know I was a little put off when it came to driving in the prior titles due to how it was aimed to "feel real" even though it is hard to have the sense when you are not physically behind the wheel. I've never tried to drive my vehicle with a controller or QWERTY before so maybe I am in the minority? Doubtful and I personally look forward to the higher action the driving mechanics look to bring in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 is still currently slated to release on October 7th this year for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game's story revolves around Lincoln Clay; a Vietnam vet living in 1968 that goes on an all-out war agenda after his gang/family is wiped out in an old fashioned mob hit.

How do you feel about Mafia 3's driving mechanics as described here? Are you excited to hear about the changes or are you a purist who wants the franchise to not grow? Does this move bring us closer to a generic Open-World style game or open the storytelling to bring more to us? Let us know your thoughts and discuss in the comments below. For more on Mafia 3 and all of its updates be sure to stay right here. We will bring you everything we can get our hands on.