Vampire Bloodlines Has Been Trademarked But Does That Mean New Game?

Vampire Bloodlines

A new trademark has popped up for a Vampire Bloodlines title and while it may mean nothing Vampire Bloodlines is listed in the video game category

Now I would like to place this in the rumor pile but possible excitement wants me to not do that as it looks like a trademark filing for Vampire Bloodlines has popped up. Not only popped up but registered by White Wolf who just recently was purchased by Paradox Interactive. If you are still not following along if this filing is more than just them securing Vampire Bloodlines as keywords it could mean that we could be getting a new addition to the video game franchise or maybe a remastering of the original Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.

This form of trademarking isn't too out of the norm for companies like this and seeing as there is a title in the past that uses Vampire Bloodlines in some form of combination it is worth noting. At least it is worth noting of things on my end due to my love of the franchise before. Seeing as a similar trademark went out for Vampire: The Masquerade back in October this could all just mean that things are just being secured just to have them with nothing planned. Only Paradox would truly know what is going on at this point though.

I do feel that it is worth noting that this trademarking for Vampire Bloodlines does list it in terms of a video game or software whereas the other lists it for the tabletop games. Of course this doesn't secure anything down at all but it is worth noting that the two filings are for different media types. Then again this is all wishful thinking that we will see a remaster or a new title brought to market given all of the other canceled titles in the past. Remember the MMO that was heavily under development way back?

What do you think that the filing of Vampire Bloodlines means for us all? Do you think it means something more than just a general covering of bases for the companies or will it lead to a new video game? Did you even play and enjoy the previous titles so long ago? Feel free to discuss and speculate down in the comments. For more on how this Vampire Bloodlines trademarking pans out be sure to stay right here for all of those updates if they do come.