Welcome To Shivercliff… The Place Of Horror In Husk


A new horror title, Husk, has been announced and Husk is ready to bring the horror just as Alan Wake and Silent Hill did in the past

It would seem like there have been a lot of horror games announced as of late and we have yet another one here with Husk. A nice, short name for the debut title from UndeadScout as they collaborate with IMGN.PRO fresh off their last title Kholat. As it is a horror title we can pretty much guess what to expect from Husk; although it is a bit easier when we all know that the game was inspired by both Alan Wake and Silent Hill. Finally not a title fully inspired by the P.T. experience we all love and miss.

In Husk we will be travelling to a "normal" town called Shivercliff. While there we will meet a man, Matt Palmer, who is on the hunt for his missing family after a car crash just outside of the town. As you expected this town is also a point in the universe where reality and a nightmare realm cross and these evils get to slip right through. Wouldn't you know it is our tasks to try and survive, help find the family, and most likely solve the issue plaguing this small town in Husk. I'm sure there is more to it but so far that is all that has been announced.

Husk — Teaser Trailer

Also in the same vein of the games Husk is blatantly borrowing ideas from as we will be fighting, solving puzzles and mysteries, and digging deeper into the plot of the overall story. Since this and the above trailer is all that has been revealed thus far I truly can't see this game as a blending of the two other titles and not much more. I'm hoping for a lot more but based on what we have here that is about it. At least it sounds like it won't be another haunted house walking sim that has been all the rage lately. I hate feeling completely helpless when playing a character that should be able to defend themselves somehow.

What is your take on Husk here? Does it look too much like the other two titles to truly be its own or is it too early to tell? Do you think that we can get a newly defined genre here and a franchise to build from? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments and discuss. As always, for more on Husk and the direction it is going be sure to stay right here on the site for more. We'll bring you everything we can as the game progresses through its development.