The Walking Dead Season 3 Is Looking To Bring More Of The Comic In

The Walking Dead

As The Walking Dead: Michonne wraps up it looks like new tidbits of The Walking Dead's third season are coming out and we may be seeing more of the comic in the game

As The Walking Dead: Michonne has just come to a close and we settle in to either play it all or take in everything that happened it looks like those kinds of plans are nowhere on Telltale Games' mind. We all know that we are getting a third season to the game that kicked it all off but now we are getting a few more things to chew on for it. At least as Robert Kirkman states in the most recent interview about the addition to the Michonne story of The Walking Dead's comic series but he also had some extra words on things for the next major season we will be getting.

First and foremost we will be seeing Clementine again in The Walking Dead's third season. Not sure how this wouldn't be a given but now it has come right out in a form that we can all place a stamp on. It also looks like the story and timeline for Clem and crew will be syncing up with the current state of the comics as well. Mr. Kirkman also went on to state that we may be seeing more of the comic overlap into the game that only overlapped during the first episode of the first season. Does this mean we may see Negan or the Whispers trying to do what they do best? Maybe we'll get to see an outsider's view of All Out War in some way.

The Walking Dead: Michonne — Robert Kirkman Interview

It is interesting to note that Telltale is getting some form of direction out of the main mind now that The Walking Dead franchise they built has done so well. Granted it is in the form of just basic story bullet points and they get to fill in the gaps but the world that has already been crafted is cared for and built onto as there are so many different stories that could be written around just the core of it all. Maybe we'll get to see the team work on a story in a location that the comic, show, or past games have yet to go to. There is a nice big world out there to use.

Are you glad to see that Clem has been confirmed for The Walking Dead's third season directly? What elements from the comic do you think we will get to see mixed into the third season? Would you love to see a story in the same universe based on a completely different part of the world that has yet to be tapped? Let us know your thoughts and discuss away in the comments below. For all things The Walking Dead be sure to stay right here as we will bring you all of the juice and bloody details we can sink out teeth into for you.