A New Borderlands Title Has Been Confirmed But Not Named


It was assumed that a new Borderlands was on its way but it has been confirmed that a new Borderlands is on the plate after Battleborn releases

I was pretty certain that a new Borderlands was all but confirmed already as it has been such a well-received franchise but now we have a 100% confirmation that one is coming. At least it will be coming sometime after Gearbox has completed Battleborn and all of the DLC they have in the works for the title. But now all of you Borderlands fans can rest assured that we have another one coming at some point due to a nice little talk that happened at PAX East where the news and confirmation was put out there.

All of this came out of a panel for their upcoming title where it was placed out there in black and white. None of the "We'd like to" or "Maybe in the future" comments but a definite. Of course there is nothing solid to confirm, even down to the name of the game, but there will be a new addition into the franchise. No more wondering and speculating so we can stop asking if there will ever be another title and just turn back to the question of "When will it be coming?" You know, another question I am sure the whole team there is tired of hearing as well.

In addition to the new Borderlands title confirmation it was also spoken of that there will be a load of Easter Eggs mixed into Battleborn based on the franchise. Not only that but we can look to see sneaks of the new title getting Easter Eggs in future Battleborn DLC as they begin to get things worked out for it. Just in the way you would expect them to go as they do with all of their other titles. Again, no huge surprises out of all of this but we have official word that it is all coming.

"It's no secret, obviously there's going to be another Borderlands. We don't even know if we're going to call it that. We could call it Borderlands 4 for all we know."

"There's already a lot of Borderlands Easter Eggs in Battleborn, but they're all from previous Borderlands games. So what if we put Easter Eggs for future stuff in the DLC?"

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford

Are you shocked or excited by the new Borderlands title being in the works? How about in terms of Battleborn having all the hidden Easter Eggs? Do you think the new title will be a true sequel or another prequel or in-between-quel? Let us know your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and discuss. As we get more on all of this we will bring it to you so be certain you stay right here on the site so you don't miss out on a thing or when the new title is officially named and announced…again…