Umbrella Corps Will Take Us Back To That Old Antarctic Base Of Yore

Umbrella Corps

Another new map for Umbrella Corps has been revealed as well as a few familiar looking zombies we will have to manage in Umbrella Corps just to win matches

It looks like we get to add yet another big icon location into the Umbrella Corps for shooting and killing due to whatever reason we can concoct for it all. This time we get to see how Capcom is rebuilding the great Antarctic Base of Resident Evil: Code Veronica into the shell of where it was left in the franchise's history just so we can run and gun. Umbrella Corps wasn't supposed to be 100% canon with the franchise now was it or did I miss a memo somewhere and should rail against this map's addition? Eh…too much work…

Anyways, here we go with that new map based on the old location. It looks like the team has given the whole area the much needed improvement over the original setting and tried to make it fit well into Umbrella Corps. I am a bit concerned that this trailer does make it look like all of the mercenaries being used in this war are professional squat runners or the whole places is as slick as slightly melted ice. None of the animations here look anywhere near the level of the other trailers nor anything based in reality. Who slides up a vent shaft?

Umbrella Corps — Antarctic Base Map

Weird movements aside, Umbrella Corps is getting another familiar looking zombie called the Mutated Zombie. It is immune to the Zombie Jammer and other weaknesses that the monsters have. They can also grant nearby zombies their bonuses as well which can make for one horrible fight. When you add that into there being a mode where it comes down to which team can kill the mutated zombies first it does look like Umbrella Corps is going to have some tough matches indeed. As long as the goofy movement doesn't distract you or your team from the murder.

How do you feel about this new map for Umbrella Corps? Does it hit you with the nostalgia that Capcom was aiming for or does it look like the silliest thing to be shown for the game? What other maps and enemies do you think we will get to see before the game's June 21st release date? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. For more on Umbrella Corps and all of the weirdness coming with it be sure to stay locked in right here as we will smuggle it out to you as fast as we can.