Chronos Gets A New Trailer Just In Time For Its Launch


A new trailer for Chronos has come out and it gives us another look at Chronos and how it will be one of the first VR games we are all talking about

The first wave of VR hardware is going to be available to the public soon and with that will comes the first wave of games like Chronos here. This would be the most recent adventure RPG that has been in the works from Gunfire Games. Currently Chronos is slated to be one of the launch titles for the Oculus Rift here on March 28th and now we get another look at the gameplay we are going to get to experience. It is going to be a brave new world we walk into with VR now isn't it?

Without further gilding the lily here we have the launch trailer for Chronos just for you to see.

Chronos — Oculus Rift Launch Title

This is where I am going to have to stop and ask all my odd questions and conjecture here. I am not seeing why Chronos has to be a VR title here based on the gameplay shown. I thought the whole point of the VR experience was to place us into the virtual world and not have a sit by and watch as some character does just that and we get to look around. I've played these "VR Experiences" before and I personally think it is a misuse of the technology as it doesn't truly add anything to the experience.

Gunfire Games does claim that the VR aspect will further immerse you in the scale and detail of Chronos but wouldn't a really nice monitor or screen do just the same and you could hit a wider market? Unless there are parts of the game we are not seeing in this trailer that truly make the VR side more than just looking around a level I am just not getting it. Could this all be just to get something out there to play on the Oculus and most likely other VR platforms? That is what I think at least.

What say you though? Are you seeing the added bonus of having VR for Chronos here or is it going to be a misused experience? Do you think we will see more immersion into the game because of the need to use a headset? Do you think that we will see Chronos jump over to other platforms based on its success? Let us know what you think and discuss in the comments below. For more on this and other titles like it be sure to stick around here as we will have more on it all as we press onward in time.