New Multiplayer VR Game Werewolves Within Has Been Outed

Werewolves Within

A new VR game, Werewolves Within, has been announced and pits players against each other to see who truly has a Werewolves Within…

The mainstream VR hardware is still a bit off from release and it looks like we have yet another odd game to add to the list as Werewolves Within has just been announced. While the title does sound a bit goofy it does look like Red Storm is trying to make something truly unique out of the gate for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. Werewolves Within wouldn't be a true Ubisoft game if it wasn't trying to capitalize on every available platform that it can right out the gate after all.

You may be thinking that this is going to be some kind of horror experience based on the name alone but you would be wrong. In fact Werewolves Within is a social based multiplayer title that has you take on the role of a villager who is on the counsel to try and figure out whom else happens to be the werewolf in disguise. All through social deduction while you all sit around the campfire and try to prove that you are not the werewolf at all. Kind of like a murder mystery but in the virtual world and the other player's movements give things away.

It is interesting to note that not only is Werewolves Within using the same basic positional tracking needed for a good VR title but it is also using a form of voice detection to give "tells" to everyone else who is paying attention. That will be an interesting mechanic to see go into action and see if it will actually pan out. If Red Storm is able to do that well it could mean all kind of a manner of things for some many other games outside of just Werewolves Within. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Werewolves Within — Reveal Trailer

Designed as an online multiplayer experience for five to eight people, players assume randomly assigned roles at the beginning of each game, some of which grant special abilities that will help players deduce who is a werewolf in disguise. To keep the experience dynamic, games are quick, with roles changing each time. One round you could be a villager, pleading your case for innocence, and the next round you could be a werewolf, lying your way to a win.

What do you think of Werewolves Within here? Does it look like something that will be played constantly or an overzealous idea that won't pan out due to users and the lack of them owning the hardware? How well do you think the voice and motion detection will be to capture your real mood? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments below. As we get more Werewolves Within or any other VR title out there we will have it here. Be sure to stick around so you can see them all for yourself.