Time For The Incursion Into Battleborn's New Mode


A new video for Battleborn has been released to show off the new Incursion mode for Battleborn that will have players slaying all over the place

Here we go with yet another mode for Battleborn here. All of the heroes are out there so it looks like this is going to be what we get from here on out from Gearbox but that is perfectly fine with me. They do need to pad the media and updates for Battleborn to make sure it all lasts until May 3rd to keep us all interested. As if the badasses of the game weren't enough. It just looks like 2K Games has been holding out on us in the modes department.

As the new mode for Battleborn sounds, Incursion will have us all driving our minions into the enemy's area to destroy their two Sentry Bots. They will of course be doing the same to keep everything interesting and flowing just right. Wouldn't be much fun if it was all on a one sided mode and the other players just watched you go on through killing everything and everyone. I guess if the other player just wants to go AFK that is how Battleborn could play out here.

Battleborn — Incursion Mode

It is interesting to see that there will be mercenaries that you can hire during the match to help rush the enemy's compound. These could all lead to a nice little game changer when things are getting too crazy in the match but I can see them all getting abused greatly by very savvy players. I am sure that Gearbox has something in place to combat this but I guess we'll see when Battleborn goes live or the beta goes into action.

What are your thoughts on the new mode for Battleborn here? Does it sound like all of those other traditional modes we are all used to or will the mercs be enough to keep it feeling fresh? What other modes do you think we will get to see when the game hits its final form? Let us know and comment below. For more on Battleborn and all other video games out there be sure to stay right here so you don't miss out on a single update.