The Battleborn Cast Is All Here Now With Last 2 Badasses


The last two characters for Battleborn have been revealed and now we know the full launch roster of heroes coming to Battleborn and their moves

The final two characters for Battleborn have now been revealed and we can take in all of the 25 launch badasses coming to the game. Of course we finish off with these two as they are described as the most absurd that Gearbox has put together for the game. A luchador and an old robotics genius who is too lazy to do a thing. Sounds about right for Battleborn given all of the other characters in there already. Now we just get to sit back and relax as we wait for May 3rd to roll up on us and we get to play the game on the PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

Don't get too settled, looks like I spoke too soon, as I said we get to see the latest two characters for Battleborn now. We have Kleese, the robotics guy, and El Dragón, the luchador with robotic arms. Each of course comes to the game with their own unique moves and abilities and now we get to see them in action. I won't hold you back any longer so have a look at the last two characters to join Battleborn now.

Battleborn — Kleese

See what I mean about being lazy? Almost everything he does revolves around his "super throne" and shooting lasers out of his wrists. It is hilarious and Kleese has become my new favorite shown off here for Battleborn. I love the 'don't care' attitude even though he is helping to dominate the entire map. It just speaks to me for some reason and I love it.

Battleborn — El Dragón

I can't help but feel that El Dragón is a mashup of Guacamelee and Jax from Mortal Kombat here. Most likely that was part of the inspiration for the character but only Gearbox can tell. He does seem to be one of the characters in Battleborn that also looks to be a bit on the difficult side to control based on all of this. More along the lines of that his abilities seem to be very dependent on the enemy marching in a straight line or just not moving. Maybe it will work better than I see but it just doesn't look the case here.

What are your thoughts on the last two heroes for Battleborn here? Are you impressed or let down by the roster in total? Which character looks to be the best for you or do you think Gearbox needs to craft more? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. As with all 2K Games we will keep pumping out the information here as we get it. Be sure to stay right here for more on Battleborn and all other video games.