Become A Mammoth By Pre-Ordering Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal

A new pre-order bonus for Far Cry Primal has been revealed and it looks to let you become a literal mammoth in Far Cry Primal and take out all of the huge threats in the game

The timeline to pre-order Far Cry Primal is ending soon as the game is launching on February 23rd. If you've been holding out for some reason then it looks like Ubisoft has one more major grab at you to try and pre-spend the money on the game that will most likely redefine the franchise. At least that is the hopes for Far Cry Primal and it looks like another defining moment will be in the fact that you will now get to live and play as a mammoth in the game.

Yes, there is another pre-order bonus out there for Far Cry Primal title the Legend Of The Mammoth and it adds on pretty much what you expect from a title like that. Unless you are thinking that Takkar will just be hunting down a legendary mammoth or something. Then you would be wrong as it looks like he gets to take a form of "acid trip" where he actually sees the world through the massive beast's eyes. Or shorter, we get to play a few missions as a mammoth in Far Cry Primal.

Not much else has been described for the experience in the DLC but we do have a nice trailer for it just below. If we had to speculate based on the titles and the video here I would say that one is a head to head match with another beast (a Rhino), one lets you stamp out a human colony, and the last has you freeing one of your own. Looks like Far Cry Primal is capturing the emotional range of the animals that we have seen in their modern counterparts which is a pretty cool thing in my book.

Far Cry Primal — Legend Of The Mammoth

Drink from the shaman's cup to experience life as a mammoth. Use your immense strength to fight for your herd's survival. Includes the Legend of the Mammoth missions (‘Duel of Beasts’, ‘Hunt the Hunters’ and ‘The Trapped Elder’).

Are you excited to be able to play as a mammoth in Far Cry Primal? Have you already pre-ordered the game or was this the tipping point so you could get another "freebie" in the mix? Do you think we will see further expansions for the game like this or will they be as generic as other DLC put out by Ubisoft? Let us know what you are thinking and discuss in the comments below. As we get further details on Far Cry Primal leading up and past its launch we will have them here on the site. Be on the lookout as I am sure there will be more.