Another Pair Of Badasses Join The Ranks Of Battleborn


Two more characters join Battleborn as playable and we have a bit more gameplay for Battleborn to show off how they fit into the 5v5 multiplayer experience

We can now bring the total number of characters revealed for Battleborn up to 20 out of the 25 as we have two more to add to the list. Not only two more characters to add but Gearbox has also given us some new gameplay footage for Battleborn to show off these new characters in all of their virtual glory. There is still plenty of time before the May 3rd release date for Battleborn to get those other five characters in there but there is a beta and promotions to be had for the game on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC so I am sure they will be in short order to get out.

Anyways, first up we have a look at Attikus in Battleborn. He is a former slave who is looking to "change his stars" and thanks to an experimental biotech harness it looks like he gets to take his bare-knuckle brawling skill to another level. He may look a bit odd, then again a lot of the characters in Battleborn already do, but he has a very personal style for those who like to get in close and beat their enemies to a pulp. Just as one would expect from the basic look of Attikus here. Ah…stereotypes…

Battleborn — Attikus

The second character we have for Battleborn today is Galilea. Yet another badass warrior type with blades to throw around here. Given all of the other characters that Gearbox has given us for the game so far she feels pretty much just like and alt costume with a few different moves than other characters already shown off in Battleborn. I'm not saying that is completely the case here but that is the feel I get when I watch her in action. Hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised once we get to actually play with her in Battleborn.

Battleborn — Galilea

What are your thoughts on the new characters here for Battleborn? Do you think they are both great additions to the ranks or do they feel very "one off" for it all? What other types of characters do you want to see in Battleborn and do you think they will make their way in at some point? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. As we get more on Battleborn out of 2K Games leading up to launch we will have it all here for you. Keep checking back in for more on the game as we more right along in time.