Visually Stunning Horror Game Kholat Is Coming To The PS4


Horror title Kholat is making the leap from PC to PS4 so more gamers can know what happened in the real world events that inspired Kholat from the start

Last year an interesting little game by the name of Kholat was released on the PC. While not your traditional horror experience when it comes to video games, IMGN.PRO was able to recreate a fun, beautiful, and terrifying gaming experience based on some truly terrifying real events. The only issue I had when Kholat was released was that I didn't have a PC that could run the game well enough to do the game justice. That is until now as it has been announced that Kholat will now be heading to the PS4 on March 8th of this year. Happy days.

Usually when this news comes we also get ear of other additions that have been made for games like Kholat but this is about it. If you loved it on PC then you'll get your second chance to experience it on the PS4. If you are still a bit lost on things here then you can have a look at a fun little site that has been put up for Kholat to show you the travels and real story behind what inspired the game. You can head over to right now to check it out.

For those who just want to see how pretty Kholat will be and a few of the bits of terror coming along with the game then you can spy the latest trailer for the game with the PS4 announcement. Even if it isn't your cup of tea you can at least hear the sweet voice of Sean Bean as he narrates a bit here. Just a bit of everything here for you today as it has been 57 years since infamous Dyatlov Pass Incident to the day now.

Kholat — PS4 Trailer

Created by IMGN.PRO and narrated by Sean Bean — Kholat is an exploration adventure game with elements of horror inspired by the event known as Dyatlov Pass Incident. The player will plunge directly into the boundless scenery of the inhospitable Ural Mountains with the task to find out what really happened.

Are you excited to see Kholat make the jump to the console now? Were you able to play the game when it first released for the PC last year? Do you think this means that Kholat will soon make the jump to the Xbox One at some point? Let us know your thoughts and discuss away in the comments below. If we receive more on Kholat out of IMGN.PRO we will have it here for you. Be sure to keep a lookout on the site for all of that as it comes.