Degenerating From Comic Con

So this was one of the coolest things I got to see while at Comic-Con this year. It is quite a bit more of the new Resident Evil movie that they are doing. Unfortunately, it is a "Pirated" video that someone took. I was actually sitting not to far from the camera guy here. I've tried listening for my WOOO when Leon first comes on screen, but I get blended in.

A little bit that they don't show in the clip but was revealed at the panel was that this is kind of a continuation of the 4th game. It has the characters of RE2, but it picks up after the events of RE4. So Leon is a bit more bad ass than in 2 and such. Also, it was stated that there is no Ada Wong in this film, but a different "Love" type interest for Leon. Like you need one of those in a Zombie film. Oh, and also, they were adamant on stating two things during the panel. First, there are little to no ties to the new RE game coming out in March. Second, if you want to see more movies like this, you need to make this one a big success. The producers want to do more RE-CGI films, they just need proof that they did good on this one before any more get green lit.