See How Far Cry Primal's Characters & Languages Came To Life

Far Cry Primal

Two new trailers for Far Cry Primal have been released and they cover the unique characters of Far Cry Primal as well as the made up language of the game

February 23rd is quickly coming up and we still don't know too much about Far Cry Primal's characters or the main role we will be playing. Sure we know the world's setting that Ubisoft has for us to explore but until now we have yet to get to see or meet our main hero Takkar. We can make that a think of the past now as we have a few new Far Cry Primal trailers and videos to look upon that let us really get to know what we will be playing and experiencing in the game. Lucky days indeed.

Up first we have a good look at Takkar the protagonist on Far Cry Primal. His entire goal is to rebuild his scattered tribe and reclaim its original glory. He'll be doing this by finding the key members of his original tribe that has been scattered to the winds of Far Cry Primal and bringing them back under the same banner. Of course that is all just fancy talk as none of that would truly fit in the game's world of pre-history. It's just easier to understand in that form and not in the way that Far Cry Primal would try.

Far Cry Primal — Takkar

We talk about all of the language and fancy talk here but what we also need to have a good look at for Far Cry Primal is the language that all of the characters will be speaking in the game. Ubisoft has gone to great lengths to make sure that the characters in the world actually speak the languages that they speak during the times of Far Cry Primal. I am not fully sold on listening to the whole game being spoken in the one crafted and need to read subtitles the entire time but we'll see if that helps or hurts Far Cry Primal in the end.

Have a look at all of the behind the scenes for Far Cry Primal and the characters/languages that are being crafted.

Far Cry Primal — Characters And Language

What do you think of Far Cry Primal's Takkar here? Does he look like another great addition into the franchise's other great characters? Are you impressed with the work that has been done on Far Cry Primal's languages? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. As we get more out of Ubisoft for Far Cry Primal we will have it up on the site here. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that as it comes in.