Review — Hitman: Agent 47 [Blu-Ray]

Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47 has recently hit the small screens of home with new content. We had a chance to sit down and break the film down piece by piece. Here is our review of Hitman: Agent 47

Here we go with yet another film based on a video game here with Hitman: Agent 47. Originally it released in theaters on August 21st of 2015 but the home version of the film has finally been released and I had a chance to sit back and take in this rendition of Io Interactive's Hitman franchise. The previous installment wasn't accepted greatly by the fans of the video game but Hitman: Agent 47 looks like it gets a few things right from the onset. But looks can be deceiving. That all said, here is our review of Hitman: Agent 47 now that it can be enjoyed anywhere.


Science is always a fun thing and in the world of Hitman: Agent 47 there have been leaps and bounds in the secret work of genetic engineering. To the point where super-assassins have been crafted and organized to off people for the highest bidder. The best of the best happens to be Agent 47 and his most recent marks don't have long to live as he heads out to end their life's run in creative and thought out ways. The only hiccup to the plan is that there is a deeper and darker agenda uncovered before the final shot can be fired off…


Right out of the gate I am going to have to start off with the casting choice of Rupert Friend in the titular role of Hitman: Agent 47. No knock on his acting skills and such but his version of 47 looked and felt off quite often that it was jarring to think it is all in the same universe. This is the similar issue I had with the previous Hitman film. The character's look and mannerisms are so iconic that if the perfect actor is not chosen it takes you out of the world. I am not sure why they don't just hire David Bateson to play the role as he not only sounds the part (He's the voice from the games) but also looks it. Two birds with one stone instead of trying to force another actor to be a different actor.

For the most part I enjoyed the story and action of Hitman: Agent 47 but there were quite a few lulls in the film that made me lose interest quite a bit. Mostly when it came to the bland part of the story in the film. It almost felt like these portions were filler or thought to be needed as the film would have been all action and very little plot otherwise. That is weird to say as other characters who only existed in the mix of action had their backgrounds, goals, and wants dictated rather well while not putting one to sleep in the process. Of course clipping those sections out would leave people wondering what is going on in Hitman: Agent 47 at times but the story could have been explained and kept the intensity high.


Usually in video game films there are slight nods to the source materials outside of characters names and locations. Mostly all "Easter Eggs" hidden in so fans have something deeper to watch for. Here in Hitman: Agent 47 though some of the best game mechanics made the leap over and added the best kind of spice to the film. Elements like 47's blending ability and slight head twists to disguise and the use of almost anything in the film to confirm a kill felt just like a side op that Io Interactive would have placed in Hitman somewhere. I am not sure how fans didn't make a bigger deal about this when the film originally released. It is something that films like Hitman: Agent 47 would normally keep in the background but there it was in our faces.

While Hitman: Agent 47 did have a few lull points in the story and action, the one thing I am glad the film got right into was the action. Usually in the game there is a lot of sitting around and waiting after a great plan has been set up for the kill. Both the actors and the script did a great job of making it feel like all of that work was already done and we could just see the outcomes on the screen and keep all of the shady planning in our own heads. No need for a five minute wait to see some guys get crushed by a giant clamp when we can just assume that 47 had everything in place already, as we would in the game, and just got to jump to the point where the enemy walked into said trap. That's only one example that is spoiled in the trailer for Hitman: Agent 47 but there were many more and it gave that extra nice feeling to the movie.

Also, and this is more for the behind the scenes nut that I am, the Blu-Ray for Hitman: Agent 47 is actually packed with a lot of great features and videos that let you delve deeper into the world of Hitman here. That is also not mentioning the fact that there is a great little comic on the disc as well as in hard copy form to be enjoyed alongside the film. It may seem like a little thing as many films have these items included but very few actually do more than show you some small scene or event that had to be cut due to time or content. Hitman: Agent 47's disc added a great bit for those who enjoy not only franchise but also the film made for said franchise.


When I first heard about Hitman: Agent 47 I was excited and then I heard it slammed in the box office. This was a lot to do from the "paid media" and so-called fans of the Hitman franchise. I don't get what their issue was as Hitman: Agent 47 did a rather impressive job where other video game franchises fail. It isn't by far a perfect film but it captured enough of the game and left out some of the "cheesiness" that could have been. I know those ridiculous hardcore fans are not going to enjoy Hitman: Agent 47 because of the slight deviations from the source material but for everyone else who enjoys action films like this then I'd say it is worth your time and money.

Hitman: Agent 47 — Trailer

Hitman: Agent 47 was produced by 20th Century Fox on December 29th, 2015. A copy of the film was provided by the producer for reviewing purposes.