Far Cry Primal Lets You Do A Lot More Than Hunt Animals

Far Cry Primal

New gameplay for Far Cry Primal shows off more on what the game is about and all the aspects of the animals in Far Cry Primal that we can employ

If you were overly impressed with Far Cry Primal when it was announced or when it was shown off in more detail at The Game Awards then hold on to your seats as here we go again with more to impress us all. Ubisoft has put together another gameplay video for us to look at for Far Cry Primal and this one shows off just how the beast master here will be using all of those animals in the game. There is a lot more to it than just hunting and killing in Far Cry Primal and now we have a great look at it all.

I know the big question I've had since we saw the amazing kill sequence on the Mammoth the first go around with Far Cry Primal; that being if we will get to use them as we had other large creatures in the Far Cry franchise. Glad to say that yes we will be riding mammoths around in Far Cry Primal to move from location to location or to just trample the enemies we have in the world. I'm still waiting to see if we can "summon" them in to fight for us like we have seen other creatures do in Far Cry Primal already but riding them is a win for me none the less.

Far Cry Primal — Gameplay Walkthrough

It does look like we will have the ability to tame quite a variety of creatures in Far Cry Primal as the list looks rather large in the provided video. I would think it would take more than feeding them a bit of food and rubbing our stink on them but Ubisoft has to make it work and not bog down Far Cry Primal with loads of side quests to force animals into our service. Just be glad that we can do this and use them to alert, stalk and kill in Far Cry Primal I guess. Just give me the saber toothed tiger already and call it a day.

I am a bit concerned when it comes to the owl and the abilities that we gain from it in Far Cry Primal though. It seems strange that we can use it like a Worg from Game Of Thrones to scout and also drop bombs on enemies. Not sure how these primal men have the ability to make bombs in Far Cry Primal but hopefully it will be explained as more than just a game mechanic. We already have to overlook the fact that Bonfires will act as a home base as well as mystically whisk us around the huge map of Far Cry Primal already and there is only so much disbelief I am willing to suspend.

Enough from me though, what do you think about the above mechanics shown off for Far Cry Primal? Am I being too nit-picky here or should Ubisoft go back to the development room on some of them to better fit the game's world? Are you hoping that you can charge into a fight on the back of a saber toothed tiger at some point in Far Cry Primal? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. Once more information and gameplay for Far Cry Primal becomes available to share we will have it right here for you so be sure to glued to the site for all of that.