Shadow Jago Is Making His Way Into Killer Instinct Soon

Killer Instinct

It has been announced that Killer Instinct will be gaining the character Shadow Jago this December to further expand the character list of Killer Instinct

Now for some really fun Killer Instinct news for you. Yes you. The fans as you have finally been able to get Shadow Jago into Killer Instinct from Iron Galaxy Studios. According to a recent post, trailer, and announcement the character will be hitting the Xbox One on December 4th for those who attained the character in Killer Instinct via the Community Fund Bundle or via Xbox Live Day One Gold. Everyone else in the world with the game will be able to purchase the character between December 18th 2015 and January 15th 2016. After that you may not be able to get him into Killer Instinct again.

Not much more has gone into the details of any new moves or combos that the character may be bringing to Killer Instinct but you can see him in action to some extent in the following trailer that was provided with the announcement. There is currently no price on how much Shadow Jago will be for Killer Instinct outside of the above listed ways to unlock but that is slated to come on another date as sated by Microsoft. Either way you have more to look at and get pumped for with Killer Instinct.

Killer Instinct — Shadow Jago

You’ll notice in the video that Shadow Jago is available to purchase from December 18th-January 15th. That means that if you already attained Shadow Jago through either the Community Fund Bundle or via Xbox Live Day One Gold, you have access to him starting on December 4th. Enjoy the 2 weeks of exclusivity, and make sure to do as much damage as you can while your opponent takes the brunt of your unyielding attacks.

If you do not own him, get ready. You will be able to purchase him during the dates listed. Once he goes away, there’s no promise that he will be available again. Don’t let it slip by.

Are you one of those overly excited to see Shadow Jago finally coming to Killer Instinct? Were you able to unlock the character early as stated in the above or will you have to wait? What other character do you want to see grace Killer Instinct again? Let us know and talk away in the comments below. As more on Killer Instinct and the DLC characters come out we will have as much as we can up on the site so be sure to stay locked in here. I am sure this won't be the last of the Killer Instinct characters.