This Week In Video Games 11/23/15 — 11/25/15

Video Games

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here's A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

Thus concludes another week in video games; albeit a shorter one. With all of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday mess coming up we have decided to allow everyone a reprieve from the work and to allow them to enjoy all of their video games. Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 have some great stuff in the works for these holidays so there is always that. Not to mention all the work up for Just Cause 3 and Star War Battlefront that needs to be seen and played. So many video games and now we need a break to experience them all. I know that is one of the plans I have for this coming break.

We will be back next week with more of our wacky coverage for all things video games so be on the lookout there. I know we'll have at least another review to throw up on the site to help with all of the holiday shopping out there. Not to mention that all of those companies holding off will hopefully let the flood gates open on the news and updates for all of our favorite video games then. We can hope and wait until The Video Game Awards right? No, but we are all going to have to. At least there are some great video games to play right now.

Until next week, have a fun holiday and Happy Gaming! Here are all of the video games we were able to cover in this ever so short week.