Guitar Hero Live Adds Cornucopia Of Songs For Thanksgiving

Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live just added 28 new songs and two new premium shows to keep the Guitar Hero Live fun going over this holiday

If you were looking for something to help break up the pains of this American Holiday weekend then take note that Guitar Hero Live is getting 34 new songs added to the list for us all to play and enjoy. It looks like Activision has been keeping on FreeStyleGames to get more content out there and now we have another huge drop for the GHTV service that is part of Guitar Hero Live. In fact, 28 of those mentioned songs are part of GHTV and being added to the mix as you read this. The other six songs will be part of other new Premium Shows that you can play in Guitar Hero Live.

Originally they could be spied in the most recent trailer for Guitar Hero Live that you can see below but as they are looking to be helpful, and have us all playing the game more, the full list of songs can be spied just below that. There are some great ones in there including another Tenacious D track and more Judas Priest. We are still missing some of my favorites to be added to Guitar Hero Live here but hopefully after the insanity of the holiday season FreeStyleGames will see it fit to get them in there. The music videos are also entertaining for those bands…

Guitar Hero Live — Thanksgiving Song Drop

As I mentioned there were two new premium shows for Guitar Hero Live. Not your traditional track that one would expect to see in the game but things are expanding and we can only play the Avenged Sevenfold one so many times right? Still my favorite to date for Guitar Hero Live but maybe we'll see a live show from Rammstein or GWAR here soon. Doubtful but those would be some great premium shows in my home for Guitar Hero Live.

Dance Meets Rock

On Tour 2015

How many of these new songs for Guitar Hero Live are you clamoring to get your hands on now? Still waiting for some other great songs to work their way in? Do you think that FreeStyleGames will start pumping out paid DLC to add on to the live performance aspect of Guitar Hero Live? Let us know and feel free to discuss until the turkey is done down in the comments. As Activision releases more for Guitar Hero Live we will have it here for you so be sure to keep checking in for all of that as it comes. I am sure the best has yet to come…