How Does Just Cause 3's Engine Pull Off Those Cool Stunts?

Just Cause 3

The latest and last dev diary for Just Cause 3 has been released and it shows us how Just Cause 3's game engine pulls off some of the amazing things it does

Up to now we've seen some amazing things happen in Just Cause 3's gameplay. So many explosions and so many different things to do and I am also certain that we still have only seen a very small portion of Just Cause 3. Of course all of that has been accomplished by Avalanche Studios and their game engine. Now we get a good look at what this engine can do and how it will impress us all when Just Cause 3 hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 1st. Not only a look but a feel for how much can be destroyed in Just Cause 3.

In what is labeled the final developer diary for Just Cause 3 we see how the team has put together their own work with the Havok Destruction SDK so the whole world feels a bit more real. It is always a bummer in a video game when you have a weapon that can blow holes in walls but you are still forced down a very specific path because…video games. This is not the case here in Just Cause 3 and it should be the case for most if not all games. Maybe not to the same level but at least give some kind of option as not all walls are made out of indestructible materials.

The people over at Avalanche Studios can explain it all better than I here so I'll let you have at the latest and last developer diary for Just Cause 3. Hopefully seeing how your video games are made will tickle the fancy there. If not…at least there are some new visuals for Just Cause 3 in the mix of things here. A little something for everyone really.

Just Cause 3 — Engine

What do you think about what you just saw for Just Cause 3? Do you think that have a pretty much completely destructible world will add to a gameplay experience or just in what Avalanche Studios has set up for us here? Were you hoping for just more Just Cause 3 gameplay? Let us know and discuss in the comments below. If Square Enix gives out more for Just Cause 3 we will have it here so be sure to keep locked in here for more and any updates that there could be. You won't want to miss a thing.