Just Cause 3 Looks Smooth As Silk When Running At Highest Settings

Just Cause 3

A new trailer for Just Cause 3 has been released and it shows off how amazing Just Cause 3 will look when running at its best

It's funny to look at Just Cause 3 yesterday based on the fly-through video we had and compare it to what can be accomplished when running the game at maximum detail. Night and day comparison here. Just in case you need more than my word on it then you can see what Just Cause 3 could look like for you in the latest trailer that Avalanche Studios has put together for us. It too can run in 4K settings, if you can handle that, and shows off how much they were able to squeeze out of their engine to make Just Cause 3. It is quite stunning to see.

Of course as they always do; a grain of salt is needed with this new trailer for Just Cause 3. It isn't stated anywhere specifically but I am pretty sure that this is taken from the PC version of the game and not the console version. It should go without saying but believe it or not there are still gamers out there who think all hardware is created equal. I'm not going to say the console version of Just Cause 3 isn't going to look amazing but I am damned sure we won't see anything like this on the PS4 and Xbox One versions. I could be wrong but we all know that is most likely the case.

Just Cause 3 — In 4K

Just Cause 3 is still slated for a December 1st release date on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We will see if all version of the game will live up to this. It is a bit curious that the video isn't set to a 60fps setting but does have 4K though. This could be a limitation on YouTube's end and not that of Just Cause 3 though. Again, salt is needed in mass quantities here.

Does this new video of Just Cause 3 change any thoughts for you on how the game looks? Do you even care and just want to dive in and set the world that Avalanche Studios has created for us on fire? Do you think the console version of Just Cause 3 will get anywhere close to these graphics? Let us know and feel free to discuss away in the comments. If there are any further updates for Just Cause 3 released by Square Enix be sure we will have them all here for you. Be sure to stay locked in here more on Just Cause 3 and all of the other great content we have.