Get A 360° Feel For Just Cause 3's Wingsuit Gameplay

Just Cause 3

A new interactive experience for Just Cause 3 has been released and it places you in the wingsuit that Just Cause 3 will be giving us to set the world on fire with

Up to now we have seen how Just Cause 3 is going to be one explosive experience in video gaming. At least this is based off all of the gameplay footage that Avalanche Studios has released for the game up to know. It looks like they have things quite under control for Just Cause 3 especially since they are also pumping out some great promotional experiences in the way of being able to actually fly around the world of Just Cause 3 with the game's wingsuit in a VR setting. Of course provided you have said equipment at home.

Of course I say provided you have the equipment for this Just Cause 3 experience and what I really mean is that you have an Android or iOS device and the ability to play/experience 360° videos. Most of us should be now but I figured I should throw that out there for those looking for the Just Cause 3 experience and just don't have anything that can run it or run it well. Although by reading this you should be able to at least watch the 360 video we have just below for Just Cause 3. The rest will have to learn how to pair up their devices to the cardboard.

Now I say that but it looks like Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have also slapped together a nice little App or two to help all of you out. You can head over to the iTunes Store or the Android Play Store and pick up the Just Cause 3 experience app and be on your way soaring through the skies. Of course this would be the preferred way to do this as the video quality you get without makes Just Cause 3 look like it was developer decades ago. So you can be the judge for yourself here.

Just Cause 3 — Wingsuit Tour

What do you think about this Just Cause 3 experience we had for us today? Does this give you a better feel for how the game will be able to be experienced or do you think that Avalanche Studios should just focus on the game and not promotional stuff? Are you just ready for Just Cause 3 to land on December 1st for us all? Let us know and feel free to discuss away in the comments below. When we get updates from Square Enix for Just Cause 3 we will have them all right here for you so be sure to stay locked in here for all of that as it comes…