See If The Game Of Thrones Season Finale Will Rend Your Heart

Game Of Thrones

The trailer for the Game Of Thrones season finale has been released and it looks like Game Of Thrones is going to end on the same kind of not as the popular TV show

It's been a wild ride for Game Of Thrones fans so far and it looks like the end of the first season is right upon us. In fact the final episode of the season releases tomorrow (11/17) for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices worldwide. Telltale Games seemed to take their time with Game Of Thrones here and it has had its ups and downs but now we get to see if it all pays off. Just like all of the other IPs they have out there and let's all just hope that this Game Of Thrones doesn't end like the one that is still running on HBO currently.

Of course this means that we have a new trailer for Game Of Thrones here and it is full of spoiler-ish events in the game. If you've been holding out until you can play the entire first season of Game Of Thrones in one sitting then you may want to skip on down the road and ignore it. This trailer here shows a good portion of the pivotal choices in this season of Game Of Thrones and what it could have led up to with the small tease for the sixth and final episode. Of course there is a whole lot more going on in each but I think these are the driving force of the choices in the story so far.

Game Of Thrones — Season Finale

I am glad to see that most of the choices used in the above trailer were not the ones I selected in my play of Game Of Thrones so far. Now I wonder just what I may be looking forward to that wasn't in this trailer as, hopefully, my choices do matter as Telltale Games always states and my ending will be drastically different than your ending to Game Of Thrones. I'm hoping for something along the lines of the end of season two of The Walking Dead but I am guessing it will be the standard to leave it open for a season two of Game Of Thrones. Come on pleasant surprise…

That all said, what do you think will happen in at the end of Game Of Thrones here? Do you think Telltale Games will go out of their way to shock us all like the true multiple endings that TWD had or will we have the basic "here's how it all comes together" kind of thing? Have you lost track of time since the last episode of Game Of Thrones released? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. Once Game Of Thrones has its full release and if any further news is release we will have more on it all here so be sure to keep checking for more Game Of Thrones as time flows on.